The Older Sister / Saying Goodbye


The past year leading up to turning 60 has been an amazing journey of discovery and learning. I've learned that it is okay to think about myself and take care of myself. I've learned that in that process, you sometimes have to make some hard decisions. I've learned that if it feels right, it … [Read more...]

It’s October????!!


Breast Cancer Awareness October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and most of you will be seeing PINK every where you go, from the local grocery store selling Breast Cancer Awareness cloth grocery bags, to Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts and hats to little trinkets just to bring awareness to the … [Read more...]

Summer Detox: Sign Up and Slim Down!

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It’s the final countdown! Registration for Eat Clean Health’s Group 7 Day Summer Detox is about to close, so before you miss out on this fantastic whole foods, anti-inflammatory detox program, today is the day to sign up and slim down! Learn how to EAT and LIVE CLEANLY and learn what foods are … [Read more...]

The Older Sister

The Older Sister. A series for the sister who's *just* old enough! #mature #fitness

I'm just a little excited this morning because I get to tell you about something new that I am going to be doing. I'm going to be writing a monthly series for the "older" sisters around the Sisterhood. I know there are some of you out there. I will be talking about some of the things that are … [Read more...]

The Great Maintenance Challenge

The Great Maintenance Challenge - Stay on track so you maintain, and don't gain, this holiday season! #weightloss #challenge #holidays

It may be our usual check in day, and we will still be doing that, but we have some exciting news to go with it. A new challenge, The Great Maintenance Challenge is starting today! Go ahead and have another Irish coffee, and a couple more buckeyes, and one more piece of pecan pie for good … [Read more...]

June Tune-Up Leaderboard {June 28}

Hello, hello! Summer is shrinking away right before our eyes - and hopefully you are, too! Don't forget the final check-in for our June Tune-Up Challenge is on Saturday, June 30th! Each week we are randomly selecting a team who checks in on time, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card for … [Read more...]

The Gift


Please give a Sisterhood welcome to our newest writer, Mary! She's been around here for years, so many of you know her (as Fiddler's Bride), but for those of you who don't know her, she's going to be a great asset to our community!! Welcome, Mary!! The Gift First of all, let me begin by saying I … [Read more...]

June Tune-Up Leaderboard {June 21}

Good afternoon, June Tune-Uppers! I am amazed at the numbers this week! You are seriously kicking ass at tuning up! I'm so proud! Each week we'll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card for $10. This week our winning team is: Hawkeye! Congrats, Michal … [Read more...]

allow myself to introduce… myself


Hello, everyone! My name is Karena, and I'm a forty year old American living in Belgium. That sounds pretty glam, but in reality, the life of a stay-at-home mom is the life of a stay-at-home mom, whether you're doing it in Anytown, USA or Toute-la-Ville, Belgique. I have two young boys, ages 8 and … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday {New Writers}


Hello Sisterhood! Today is Toot Your Horn Tuesday, and that means you get to brag all about the awesome things you've done this week. Heck, you can even brag about things you did last week if you want! Tell us all how incredibly awesome, strong, smart, beautiful, fast, witty, and brave you are. Tell … [Read more...]