13 Latin Songs to Spice Up Your Workout

13 Latin Songs to Spice Up Your Workout #shrinkingjeans #playlist

I would like to share with you a Latin Workout Playlist.  But first, let me give you a little history. Back in the day (my much younger, pre-marriage days), I was a salsa dancing queen. I loved hitting the dance floor with my bestie, who happened to be fluent in salsa and merengue.  I was not … [Read more...]

Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette #shrinkingjeans

Two weeks ago we talked about gym etiquette.  (You can read about that here.)  This week it is all about hitting the trails and proper trail etiquette.  My family has had the joy of listening to me complain about these items for the last several years and they are tired of hearing about it.  Today I … [Read more...]

Gym Etiquette

Avoid releasing  gas in public, never wear perfume, read only on cardio machines, and turn off the video, then we're all good. Gym Etiquette 101.

I’m afraid that there is something that needs to be discussed.  I need to be frank and this may make you uncomfortable, but it needs to put out there.  Gym etiquette you guys, it is a thing.  When you want to work out at home, do whatever you want I don’t care.  When you are right next to me on the … [Read more...]

Empowering Youth Through Girls on the Run

Empowering Youth Through Girls on the Run #shrinkingjeans

I am nearing the end of my first coaching season with Girls on the Run. Some of you might be wondering....what is Girls on the Run? "Girls on the Run is a North American non-profit program that works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through dynamic, … [Read more...]

Facebook Fitness

Facebook Fitness

Take a close look at the title of this post. It seems like one of the biggest oxymorons of all time, doesn't it? Facebook and fitness used together? FACEBOOK FITNESS? Surely you jest! Facebook is notorious for sucking us into losing hours of time as we read about everyone's latest pet trick, … [Read more...]

What makes a good coach?

What makes a good coach? #shrinkingjeans

Have you ever worked with a coach?  Have you participated in an online support group for your weight loss or athletic goals?  My guess is, if you are here at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, you probably have in some way, shape or form.  While I've never hired a "professional" coach, I've … [Read more...]

Wednesday Check-In!

Wednesday Check-In!

  Happy check-in day, Shrinkers! It's time to see how we did this past week, so strip down to your birthday suit (you know you weigh-in naked!) and step on that scale. If you had a loss this week that's great; if not, don't get upset. Remember, we count all the accomplishments we had … [Read more...]

Giving Up vs. Listening To Your Body

Modifying Is Not Giving Up

I don't condone giving up. Ever. Even if it's the one thing I want the most in the world at a particular moment - it really makes completing whatever you're trying to accomplish so much sweeter. I do, however, believe in listening to your body. And, sometimes, your body is trying to tell you that … [Read more...]

12 Things That Gross Me Out at the Gym

12 Things That Gross Me Out at the Gym

I love the gym.  In fact, before I took up running, I spent the majority of my exercise time at a gym.  Why do I love the gym? Free childcare Convenience Variety of classes offered Variety of equipment Trainers to ask questions But really, it was the variety (and the free childcare) … [Read more...]

Wednesday Check-In!

Wednesday Check-In!

It's check-in day at the Sisterhood -the day we take a closer look at how we did this past week! If you haven't already, step on the scale and see if you had a loss this week. Get your tape measure out and take some new measurements. And if you want, take another photo of yourself, to see if you … [Read more...]

8 Tips For Starting Your Fitness Journey

8 Tips For Starting Your

Are you just getting started on your fitness journey? Congratulations! We know it can be daunting, and here at the Sisterhood we're committed to encouraging your every step. Even the first one. If you're just starting out, or need a fitness refresher, here are some tips on beginning the journey to a … [Read more...]

Wednesday Check-In!

Good Morning, Shrinkers! It's Wednesday and that means it's check-in day at the Sisterhood! Remember the 3 goals you made for yourself last week? Let's evaluate how you did. Did you lose a lb or 2, if not check your measurements. Lost an inch? Are your clothes fitting a little better? Did you get … [Read more...]

WODmat + Giveaway

WODmat Giveaway! #shrinkingjeans

The WODmat helps you stay on track with your fitness routine. With the WODmat, you can workout at  home, the gym, the garage, the beach - anywhere! The WODmat is a one of a kind, over-sized, durable, personal exercise mat that is 2x the thickness and firmness of a traditional mat. It’s great for … [Read more...]

Thirty Day Tone Your Body: A Free Monthly Workout Calendar

April 2015 Monthly Workout Calendar #shrinkingjeans

April is sneaking up on us fast, and that means we're gearing up for a brand new monthly workout calendar! If you're not familiar with our fitness calendars, you can check ALL of them out right here! This month we've decided to focus on ALL OF YOU - YOUR WHOLE BODY! That's right, it's going to … [Read more...]