Guest post: How I learned to love running

Photo courtesy of Dawn Karr

Today's post is a guest post from Dawn Karr. I know her as Mrs. Karr - she was my biology teacher in junior high school. I have been able to keep in touch and follow her story, thanks to social media, and how she has evolved into a runner. I asked her to share her story knowing that many people may … [Read more...]

We all fall down…The strong get back up again

before and after

I haven’t always been a runner – or much of an athlete at all for that matter.  I started out like many women.  I gained the “Freshman 15” (or was it 30?), got married, struggled with infertility and then had 2 beautiful babies.  I found myself at 30 – overweight and unhappy.  There were very few … [Read more...]



Have you ever been to Liz's blog - One Twenty Five? I found it when we were both nominated for Shape's most amazing bloggers in the universe awards. Or something like that. One Twenty Five is and inspiring blog written by a amazing Canadian girl who quit her job, traveled the world alone, and … [Read more...]

Mary Did a Race a Month in 2011 {guest post}


Hello everyone and a Happy New Year – still! I hope you are all still focused on your goals for the year ahead. What is it YOU want to do? Set your sights and get after it! I am delighted to have been given this chance to write a guest post for The Sisterhood about what it’s like to reach a … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Your Butt Off {MendingJen}


This week's menu plan is brought to us by Jen from Listen.Learn.Love.Mend. If you're interested in menu planning for the Sisterhood, give us a shout in the comments! We love guest menu planners! Shrinkers, I have been absent from the menu planning lately! When last I was here, I was still Jen … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Your Butt Off {A Working Mom}


Hey all you Shrinkers!!  I’m Jen and I blog over at Jen in Real Life. In real life I am a teacher, mother, wife, runner...err currently injured runner, blogger, tweeter, friend...ok I am like most women...I wear many hats and I have many titles to match the hats. I blog my life, my journey and I … [Read more...]

Charity Racing – Demystifying Fundraising

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This week we have another great post from Tiffany Zook on Charity Racing - Finding Your Passion. This week she is discussing the fundraising aspect of running for charity. If you didn't see last week's post, check it out here NOW! There is no doubt that one of the most daunting and scary … [Read more...]

Charity Racing, Find Your Passion


Tiffany Zook will be doing a series of guest posts on racing for charity. She was a very important and passionate member of Team Shrinking Jeans when we raced with Team In Training and raised money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Tiffany was a rockstar fundraiser and motivational team … [Read more...]