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Thursday Three - Sugar Free Edition
[ 0 ] 04/17/2014

Thursday Three – Sugar Free Edition

It’s time for another edition of the Thursday Three!! This week is the “Sugar Free” edition because, as most of you know, I’m on a sugar fast through May 14th. It’s going pretty well except for all the label reading, severe headaches (from withdrawal) and constantly looking for a source of protein that will satisfy […]

Spring Into Action, Week 5
[ 3 ] 04/16/2014

Spring Into Action, Week 5

Good morning, shrinkers!  We are experiencing the weirdest weather ever here in Central Texas- one day nice and sunny and warm and then an April cold front moves in with gray, dreary and cold weather.  But now it’s sunny and warm again.  I am obsessive about checking the weather- ha!  How are YOU doing?  Are […]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday
[ 1 ] 04/07/2014

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Hi gang. It’s that time of week again where we go about the business of celebrating our own accomplishments and pat ourselves on the back. What have you been up to lately that you want to shout from the rooftops, tell the world about or even whisper to just one other person? Pretend that person […]

Thursday Three! {let's talk apps}
[ 2 ] 03/06/2014

Thursday Three! {let’s talk apps}

  Hi friends! For those of you who are new to the Sisterhood, one of the weekly features that we have done in the past is called The Thursday Three. I am dustin’ her off for old time’s sake. This is a post where we ask you to list three bullet points on any particular […]

True Confessions- It's Getting Real In Here
[ 7 ] 02/11/2014

True Confessions- It’s Getting Real In Here

I feel the need to get some things off my chest, true confession style. It’s not going to be pretty but hopefully by the end of this post, I can wrap it up nicely. I am over-committed.  I know this but it’s starting to be a real problem.  I will finish out my commitments for […]

Motivation Monday
[ 0 ] 01/20/2014

Motivation Monday

Hello, friends. Here we are with the end of January just around the corner. It’s around this time into the new year that some of us may begin to get discouraged, burned out, pissed off and just frankly feel like packing it in on this journey we put ourselves on to become healthy and fit. […]

True Confessions - Two Weeks In
[ 14 ] 01/14/2014

True Confessions – Two Weeks In

We are two weeks in to this new year and I know that most of us have not done everything “exactly as we think we should” so it’s time for True Confessions – Two Weeks In. So if  you have done EVERYTHING EXACTLY THE WAY YOU PLANNED over the past two weeks just kindly move along, […]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday!
[ 11 ] 01/07/2014

Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

Hello, hello! This is my first post for the ‘Hood for 2014 and my first chance to officially wish you all a Happy New Year! A special welcome to our new followers who have found their way to the best place on the ‘net for information, motivation and support as well all try to kick some […]

Whittle Away For Water - Final Weigh In
[ 0 ] 12/11/2013

Whittle Away For Water – Final Weigh In

Today is our final weigh in for the Whittle Away for Water challenge that we have been doing for the past month, through DietBet. I hope that your month has been successful and encouraging. So go into your bathroom and weigh yourself carefully! If you are participating in the DietBet make sure you follow the directions […]

Whittle Away for Water: Week 3 Check In
[ 0 ] 12/04/2013

Whittle Away for Water: Week 3 Check In

Good Morning, Shrinkers! We hope each and every one of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! But we all know what today is! Hop on that scale and share with us (below in the comments) how you did. How are you doing with the challenge? Were you able to push through Thanksgiving without over indulging? Did […]

True Confessions
[ 6 ] 11/19/2013

True Confessions

It’s time for True Confessions. Let me be the first to say that I haven’t done my best the past few weeks. I’m not proud of it, but I’m fessing up and telling the truth. True confession is good for the soul, right? As some of you know, I’m dealing with some tendonitis in my […]

Whittle Away for Water - a new weight loss challenge by @shrinkingjeans benefiting @charitywater and YOU! 50% of the pot will be donated to BB's Clean Water for Christmas campaign {} and the remaining pot will be split among challengers who lose 4% or more of body weight! #weightloss #fitness #charity #kidsdoinggood
[ 5 ] 11/13/2013

Brand Spankin’ New Weight Loss Challenge: Whittle Away for Water!

Register HERE! Who’s ready for a new, fast and furious weight loss challenge? I am! The holidays are usually a time of overindulgence and excess, which in the end, makes us feel not-so-merry. This year, we are changing that. We will start the holiday season off on the right path, making good choices, all thanks […]

Wednesday....Our Most Favorite Day!
[ 8 ] 10/30/2013

Wednesday….Our Most Favorite Day!

Hump Day Video It’s Hump Day!! Yes, it is!! I love this video and it makes me laugh every time I see it!! I figure most of us could use a laugh… That means it’s time to shed the jammies and step on the scale! Wednesday is our most favorite day, because it’s Weigh In […]

True Confessions
[ 9 ] 10/29/2013

True Confessions

Bless me Shrinkers, for I have sinned, and it is Tuesday, which means it is time for True Confessions. Time to lay thine transgressions on the floor and sweep said transgressions under thy rug, never to be seen or heard from again.  Can I get an amen? Can I get a witness? It has been […]

Thursday Thoughts
[ 6 ] 10/10/2013

Thursday Thoughts

  It’s Thursday and time for three bullet points. It’s late, I’m tired, and suffering from a migraine that isn’t going away, so that’s what you get!! **In FIVE weeks I will get on a plane and travel from Dallas to San Diego and be away from my entire family for more than 2 days […]