Karena {Contributing Writer}

Karena - Contributing Writer Karena is the Sisterhood’s foreign correspondent. An American living in Belgium, she spends most of her time caring for and cavorting with her three boys, ages 4, 8, and 49. She speaks French, which sounds incredibly impressive until you realize all the gaffs she’s made along the way to fluency. Karena enjoys cooking vegan food that even the most rabid carnivore couldn’t turn down, getting lost in a good book, and baby-stepping outside her comfort zone. In her spare time, she likes to be found climbing the Eiffel Tower and exploring the museums of Paris, but is more likely to be found looking for ladybugs in the backyard and collecting worms with her boys. Which is nice, too.

From a high of 231 to an adult low of 122, she’s seen it all. There’s not a diet she hasn’t tried. After literally a lifetime of judging her self-worth according to the scale, she’s now found her happy place… although saying goodbye to those last ten pounds probably wouldn’t bother her. She maintains a healthy weight with a simple regime of weight lifting, power walking, healthy, whole foods, and the occasion piece of chocolate.

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