Holiday Hustle December 26.2 Virtual Race

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We spend so much time rushing around during the holiday season it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Parties abound and clean eating gets hung on the back of the tree in exchange for cookies, sausage balls, and eggnog. And exercise? Pffft. It gets stuffed in the back of the closet with the hidden (insert most popular present of the year), and we spend every waking hour on early morning shopping trips, and mid-day sugar comas, and late night gift-wrapping. Of course, every weekend between turkey day and the ho-ho-ho celebration is filled with tiny dance recitals, music performances, cheer competition (how did this happen to me?) and of course, parties (hopefully with alcohol). I need a nap and 14 cups of coffee just thinking about it.

Why do you think we’re so eager to jump on the healthy living parade float on New Year’s Day? Complete and utter holiday debauchery, that’s why.

This holiday season, we’re bringing you a fun way HUSTLE through the holidays AND stay on track: The HOLIDAY HUSTLE Virtual Marathon.

WHAT?! Yes! Run (or walk) 26.2 miles with us during December, earn a sweet medal, and feel much better about yourself when the last piece of tinsel is swept away.

Check out this sweet medal proof we just got from our printer:


Medals have been ordered and will begin shipping in early December. Don’t delay, because quantities are limited. Get your medal NOW.

Eventbrite - Holiday Hustle Virtual Marathon {26.2 miles in December}

And allow me to introduce you to another peppermint-flavored holiday ‘life-saver’:

  1. Hot for the Holidays DietBet – win some extra cash to spend on a smaller New Year’s party dress. Pony up some cash into the pot, lose 4% of your weight, and WIN some jingle for your shrinking jeans, or party dress, or books.

What are you waiting for? Join us for the most awesome {healthy} holiday season EVER!