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Shamrock Shuffle Run the 'Hood Virtual 5K/10K/Mile Walk and Run: Register NOW! #c25k #race #fitness #run #walk
[ 3 ] 12/31/2013

Shamrock Shuffle 5K/10K/Mile Run and Walk: A Run the ‘Hood Virtual Race

Top o’ the morning to ya! We are just overflowing with awesome challenges, announcements and events the past few days, and today shall be no different! For the past few years, we have put on two virtual races. Due to the overwhelming popularity and success to our Virtual 5K/10K race series, we are hosting THREE […]

Shape Diva Dash {Giveaway + Discount Codes}
[ 14 ] 03/17/2013

Shape Diva Dash {Giveaway + Discount Codes}

Winner winner- Tweetyscute- check your email inbox and CONGRATS! I’ve done 5K’s, 10K’s and half marathons. I’ve done a co-ed mud race.  You know, a trail run with obstacles interspersed throughout. Once, I did a duathlon (run-bike-run). But I have never done the Shape Diva Dash.  Have you? What’s that, you may be wondering. Forget barbed […]

La Liegeoise - a race report
[ 15 ] 03/04/2013

La Liegeoise – a race report

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Meatless Monday post to bring you a very important story: The story of my first race EVER. Yesterday, Sunday, March 3rd, I traveled to the Belgian town of Liege for a women’s only 6 kilometer run. This is the train station in Liege. It was amazing! Let’s backtrack a bit, […]

Couch to 5K Virtual Program
[ 197 ] 12/23/2012

Couch to 5K Virtual Program

Have you ever thought of becoming a runner but had no idea where to start?  Or maybe you knew that you could start, but then had fear that you wouldn’t finish, or that it might hurt too much, or that there is just no way you could ever be a runner?  Do you want to get […]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday
[ 2 ] 10/30/2012

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

I predict that this is going to be a fun week to read Toot Your Horn. I think that many of us did the Zombie Dash and have a lot to brag about. Maybe you didn’t do the 5k, but you did something else that is toot worthy. Whatever you did, this is your chance […]

Announcement: Last Day to Register for the Zombie Dash Virtual 5K/10K/Kids' Run!
[ 1 ] 10/07/2012

Announcement: Last Day to Register for the Zombie Dash Virtual 5K/10K/Kids’ Run!

By now, you’ve probably heard that we are putting on a fun Halloween race in a few weeks! The thing is, registration ends today. Yes, TODAY! We need to get our orders placed for our super-awesome t-shirts and medals, yo. Yup, race swag! Delivered right to your mailbox before the official race day! Our zombies […]

No such thing as an ideal runner. #running #c25K #slow
[ 3 ] 09/13/2012

One foot in front of the other

I was with a friend at a cook out over Labor Day weekend when we got to talking about an upcoming 10k and 5k  in our area.  Like me, she is relatively new to the whole running thing. When I looked at the registration form online, I grew a bit intimidated.  It had too many […]

Zombie Dash: Run the 'Hood Virtual 5K/10K/Kids' Fun Run
[ 25 ] 09/11/2012

Zombie Dash: Run the ‘Hood Virtual 5K/10K/Kids’ Fun Run

It’s time to lace up your shoes for a SPOOKTACULAR event, and get ready to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans 5th Virtual 5K/10K – Run the ‘Hood – is going spooky with a Zombie Dash! In honor of the great workout you’ll be giving your heart, this year we’re giving 10% of […]

Change of {Running} Scenery
[ 0 ] 07/08/2012

Change of {Running} Scenery

Well folks, here we are in the midst of Vacation Season. Talk about a tough time of year when you are trying to stay on the straight and narrow and be diligent about your weight loss journey! For me, it’s almost harder than what we get bombarded with during the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s bonanza. What to […]

Run the 'Hood {Race to Remember} Results!
[ 6 ] 06/01/2012

Run the ‘Hood {Race to Remember} Results!

Congrats to all of our participants! You did great! Keep on training and we’ll see you for our fall race! Kids’ 5K {12 and Under}                 Jacob    R.    7    male    49:11:00 Emma    H.    9    female    55:05:00 Wade    H.    4    male    55:05:00 Emma    R.    7    female    59:54:00 5K Walk {male}               […]

Today is the Day! Let's Run the 'Hood!
[ 14 ] 05/28/2012

Today is the Day! Let’s Run the ‘Hood!

Today, -Memorial Day-, May 28th, we’ll all run our own race, in our own place, at our own pace! It’s a Race to Remember! It’s time to lace up your shoes and head out to the open road for your Run the ‘Hood event! Run, walk, wog… it’s your choice! When you are finished, hang […]

Spring In2 Action Check-In {week 4}
[ 9 ] 04/25/2012

Spring In2 Action Check-In {week 4}

Guys! There’s only two weeks left in the challenge! It’s time to sit down, take a look at your goals, and see what you have left to do. How are you doing with your eating? Is your tracking going ok? Do you need to ramp up the exercise a little? Make it happen, friends. Two […]

Moving Comfort {giveaway!}: Run the 'Hood Sponsor
[ 72 ] 04/20/2012

Moving Comfort {giveaway!}: Run the ‘Hood Sponsor

This week, we are spotlighting our Run the ‘Hood sponsor, Moving Comfort. Moving Comfort is a women-powered company lead by the belief that a Fit Woman is a Powerful Woman®. They produce inspiring, flattering high-performance workout gear that will keep you motivated and supported while you sweat, and looking sporty and cute while on the […]

Spring In2 Action Check-In {week 3}
[ 7 ] 04/18/2012

Spring In2 Action Check-In {week 3}

Good morning, everyone!  Are you still going strong, faltering, racing to the finish? Take a look at the ACTION plan you came up with the very first day of the challenge – have you been following it? Analyze your goals – decide what you want to accomplish over the next 6 weeks. Commit to a plan […]

Coupon Code:: 10% Off Run the 'Hood Registration
[ 3 ] 03/29/2012

Coupon Code:: 10% Off Run the ‘Hood Registration

Because the sun is shining and we love you so, a coupon code is the way to go. Ten percent off your registration fee, includes a medal, swag, and an awesome tee. Whether you want to walk or run, Head on over to our race page for fun. Lace up your shoes and tell your […]