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Full of Thanks
[ 0 ] 11/12/2013

Full of Thanks

  November is a time to reflect on giving thanks and counting our blessings. I realize most of us will do this “formally” on Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks, but I want to take a few minutes and do it now, too!   First and for most, I am thankful to God for […]

Toot CHRISTY's Horn Tuesday {Birthday Edition}
[ 8 ] 09/25/2012

Toot CHRISTY’s Horn Tuesday {Birthday Edition}

  It’s Tuesday and usually that means I’d come on here and toot my own horn. Pat myself on the back for how awesome I am… But not today…because today is our Christy’s birthday, and I want to toot HER horn. Yes, that sounds wrong, but whatever. So, here’s what we’re going to do…in the […]

The Top 7 SHRINKVIVORS: the vlogs, the prizes, and the vote!
[ 25 ] 11/12/2011

The Top 7 SHRINKVIVORS: the vlogs, the prizes, and the vote!

Hello, challengers! Today, we’re going to introduce you to our Top 7! They have outlost, outfitted, and outlasted the competition. They have thrown themselves into this challenge full-force, and I tell you, we couldn’t be more proud of each and every woman in our Top 7. Check out their vlogs below, and I can guarantee […]

Playlist:: Run The 'Hood - It's All Good!
[ 1 ] 10/21/2011

Playlist:: Run The ‘Hood – It’s All Good!

It’s time to run the ‘hood tomorrow, and who doesn’t need new tunes to pound that pavement faster? Whether you are running or walking, these songs are guaranteed to quicken your pace! Good Feeling – Flo Rida Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes/Adam Levine I Like It Like That – Hot Chelle Rae Faster – […]

A Birthday Poem
[ 7 ] 09/25/2011

A Birthday Poem

    I met Christy just a few years past, and our friendship grew really fast. She is kind and fun, and she amazingly Gets quite pissed if you deny her coffee.       Now Christy, did you think you would live ever live that down? Never! Ever! Not as long as I’m around! […]

Fitbloggin' CLICKed! {giveaway}
[ 24 ] 05/24/2011

Fitbloggin’ CLICKed! {giveaway}

Last weekend was filled with new information, fitness, friends {new and old}, and so much fun. We are talking about why Fitbloggin’ kicked ass and giving away swag if you haven’t heard! Christy and I want to give a huge shout-out to CLICK for sponsoring us for this event! It’s always a pleasure to work […]

Moving Comfort + Giveaway!
[ 23 ] 04/29/2011

Moving Comfort + Giveaway!

We all know that a good bra can either make or break your exercise experience. Have a crappy bra and you may have to “double-bag” the girls. That may be just as bad as a sports bra that gives the dreaded “uni-boob” look. I admit it. I was a chronic uni-boober. And then I received […]

[ 14 ] 02/02/2011


It’s time! It’s time! We are taking registrations for our 2nd annual Team Shrinking Jeans! We are training to run or walk the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon on June 5th, 2011. We will also offer the full marathon option for those of you crazy people who are interested in doing all 26.2 miles. […]

team: shrinking jeans (train with us!)
[ 16 ] 01/14/2011

team: shrinking jeans (train with us!)

Last week we announced our plan to train for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon on June 5th. We can’t wait. There is nothing better than hanging out in real life with the Sisters and Brothers we know so well from online. Read all about it here. Now listen, we really, really, REALLY […]

Editors' Weekly Round-up, November 5th
[ 3 ] 11/05/2010

Editors’ Weekly Round-up, November 5th

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Editors’ Weekly Round-up! I’ve found some great things to share with you this week, so get ready to start clicking! You know who Fitarella is right? She is Jacqueline Carly and she has launched her own show on the Pulse Network called Fitarella TV. It’s ‘a Rockin’, Fun, Passionate show focused on helping YOU live […]

Cooking with Kids - Taste of the Sisterhood
[ 2 ] 11/05/2010

Cooking with Kids – Taste of the Sisterhood

Today I share special vlog with tips on Cooking with Kids! Enjoy :) Here are some great places to find recipes for Cooking with Kids! Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! Cookbook. Kaboose Don’t forget to link up if you have a post about Cooking with Kids! We’d love to hear what you have to say […]

Peanut Butter Banana Bread
[ 10 ] 11/05/2010

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Banana bread is such a versatile staple, and who doesn’t always have an overripe banana or two lying around? Plus, you can add all kinds of fun things to banana bread to change it up – like peanut butter! Who doesn’t love peanut butter, right? I found this recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Bread in […]

iPod Shuffle Giveaway & Editors' Weekly Round-up
[ 67 ] 10/22/2010

iPod Shuffle Giveaway & Editors’ Weekly Round-up

******A winner has been chosen! Geridurant77 is the lucky girl. Congrats! Email us at with your mailing deets ASAP!****** Happy Friday Sisters (and Brothers!). It’s time for my weekly Round-up. Here are some great things I want to share with you: It’s Fall! I love this time of year with all of my being. […]

Shrinkvivor Tribal Council, September 30th
[ 10 ] 09/30/2010

Shrinkvivor Tribal Council, September 30th

Thanks to CLICK for sponsoring the Shrinkvivor Challenge! Have you tried their espresso protein drink? It’s delicious! The Shrinkvivor Tribes page will be updated shortly! If you do not see your name on that page, it’s because you didn’t report in one of the weigh-ins and you have been eliminated from the challenge. If you have been […]

cake and candles
[ 10 ] 09/25/2010

cake and candles

Somebody’s having a birthday today. She pretty much rocks. She has come so incredibly far. Worked hard to lose weight through eating right and exercise. She has become a runner. Finished one 1/2 marathon and is working on another. She has raised thousands of dollars for charity. She runs her household on her own all […]