Fighting Burnout with Cross Training

Fighting burnout with cross training

I arrived at 5:30 a.m. The sun was still in hiding, and I was a bit chilled by the early morning air. I shed my shirt and my shorts, tossed my flip flops to the side, and took a deep breath as I stepped in the frigid pool.  Truth be told, the pool was a very comfortable temperature, as indoor … [Read more...]

We Are All In This Together!!

we're all in this together

This past week the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans quietly, and without fanfare, celebrated our 7th anniversary!! This month has been a struggle for our uber editors, Christy and Melissa (and all of us writers) because of some website issues, but hopefully we are all past those struggles and we … [Read more...]

O’ Fitness Tree – 25 Days of Exercise!

O' Fitness Tree printable fitness advent calendar! #exercise #fitness #calendar

Hello, friends! Thanksgiving is over, and chances are, you are feeling a little stuffed. Your jeans might be a little snug, and you may be feeling a little unmotivated. It's easy to give in to all the temptations around you during the holiday season, and to give excuses that you'll get back on track … [Read more...]

Squeezing in Fitness When You’re On the Road

Squeezing in Fitness When You're on the Road #shrinkingjeans #fitness #exercise #travel

Help!  You're traveling for the holidays and your worried about NOT being able to exercise. I get it, I really do.  Sitting for hours, legs cramped, back tight, eating crap food, sharing the air with other folks, trying to keep your kids at a mild roar, tired from lack of sleep, stressed about … [Read more...]

Working Out Without a Gym

Working Out Without a Gym #shrinkingjeans #fitness #workout #exercise

There are many reasons why it’s hard to get to the gym or even have a gym membership to begin with. Money might be tight, your spare time might be sparse, or it could be both. As a new mom, I have both of those problems. Even though I want to go to the gym every day for an hour or two, most days … [Read more...]

4 Core Exercises That Aren’t Sit-ups

4 Core Exercises

Over the past few weeks, I've been in physical therapy as part of my rehab program after my hip surgery. While I'm still not able to do a lot, I'm thankful to be working toward full range of motion and increased movement and intensity. --I was cleared this week to begin walking short distances for … [Read more...]

Making Healthy Choices While Traveling

Tak e Care When Traveling

I love to travel. And, really, unless you travel consistently for work, who doesn’t? A new place to explore, new people to meet and new cultures to be sampled – I love experiencing it all, including the local cuisine. However, as we all know, what we eat in a new place does not stay at the new … [Read more...]

How About We Change One Thing for Thirty Days?

Change One Thing for Thirty Days #shrinkingjeans

I can be an all-or-nothing kind of gal.  This means when I set goals for myself I’m either running towards them at 100 MPH or I’m lying on the couch eating.  Those are my two speeds.  When I realize that putting food in my mouth on the couch is not moving me towards my goal weight, I put plans in … [Read more...]

Consistently Challenged

sleep is the key

The most complicated part of my healthy living journey has been being consistent, day in and day out. Over and over I tell myself I am going to be consistent with making the right choices. I do great for a few days a week or even a month or two following the eating plan or the exercise plan I came … [Read more...]

Confessions of A Stressed-Out Writer

Confessions of a Stressed-Out Writer #shrinkingjeans

One of my favorite things about The Sisterhood has always been how everyone is real –not hiding their struggles and sharing their successes. That truly was the first thing I loved, all the way back to the beginning and up until to now. Another thing I've always loved about the 'hood is that there is … [Read more...]

Run with the Sisterhood: Couch to 5k training

Run with the Sisterhood

Well, hello there! As we start our latest Couch to 5k training in preparation for our fall virtual race, I thought some introductions were in order.  Or RE-introductions as it were.  My name is Bari and I'm a runner.  Sometimes I'm training for marathons or half marathons and other times I'm on a … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Happy Knees

3 tips for happy knees (1)

If there is anything I hear more from people when I say I'm a runner, it's something along the lines of "You're going to destroy your knees!" I would like to be the first (really not) person to say this is a myth and totally untrue.  It will not cause arthritis – if you get arthritis in your knees … [Read more...]

Life vs. Exercise

Life vs.Exercise

So I started last month off right – I was running regularly and had started a great three (and up to four!)-day-a-week weight routine that would help me become a stronger and better runner. I was eating right, counting my calories on MyFitnessPal and excited to get even below my target goal weight … [Read more...]

How Depression Can Derail Your Fitness Efforts

Depression and exercise

Everyone experiences times when they’re sad or blue, and times when motivation to exercise seems hard to come by. But if the sad times or blue moods last a long time and start interfering with your ability to function, you may be depressed. If depression is something you’re struggling with, if … [Read more...]