Pros and Cons of Run/Walk/Run Intervals

woman runner training for marathon

Before I get started on this post, I need a disclaimer.  I am NOT a running coach.  I am NOT a trainer.  What works (or doesn't work) for me may or may not be the same for you.  Everyone needs to find their own magic formula.  I'm just a marathoner-in-training doing just that and this is my … [Read more...]

Wednesday Check-In + Time Management Challenge

Wednesday Check In With a Challenge

So it's Wednesday and the title of this post is *Check In*, not weigh in.  Now, you certainly may weigh in and tell us how it's going for you or if you are like me, you don't want to weigh in (for whatever reason and believe me, there are a myriad of reasons), but go ahead and tell us how you are … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

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I love when I have a Tuesday post and I can do a Toot Your Horn instead of a True Confessions. It does a girl good to do a little bragging every now and then, right? We just got back from vacation. We go up to Diamond Lake in Michigan with my family and my sister's family for a week. The kids … [Read more...]

Forget Pills: Eat Your Vitamins!


With so much focus on the Big 3 (Fats, Carbs and Protein), the importance of vitamins and minerals sometimes get lost in the shuffle. We all know vitamins are an essential piece to the overall health and wellness puzzle, and it’s much more important to eat your vitamins instead of relying on a … [Read more...]

Fitness tracker review – Garmin Forerunner15

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It's been all the rage lately. Even here at The Sisterhood. FITNESS TRACKERS.  As promised, I have for you today a review on the one that I purchased and have been using. And I must say, I love it! Back in May, I wrote a post on Fitness Tracker Fury based on a shout out to you all. I was in … [Read more...]

Tap Into the Power of Forgiveness


Emotional eating is a topic that comes up frequently when talking about eating habits. Whether it’s related to stress, heartbreak, anxiety or boredom, many times we overeat to help distract us from emotional pain. We overeat, when in truth, we're not actually hungry at all. We are lonely. Or angry. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Three’s


Taking a cue from the tabs across our front page, I introduce to you Tuesday Three's, where in I share with you THREE things I want to accomplish/do in the coming weeks.  Take a look at my list and then feel free to share your Tuesday Three's in the comments section below. Weight Loss 1.  Lose … [Read more...]

Detroit Women’s Half Marathon and 5k Giveaway!

Detroit-Women's-Half-Marathon-Banner-2014 edit

Have you ever run a women's only race?  Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like it. Back in April 2014, I ran my first women's only half marathon and I was HOOKED.  I hadn't planned on running but met so many first time half-marathon and 5k'ers while working at the expo that I absolutely wanted … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate


    Most of us love chocolate and today I'm going to present some evidence to show you why you should have a small amount of DARK chocolate on a regular basis. I'm glad I finally confirmed these facts because lately I have been having a strong craving for chocolate and haven't wanted … [Read more...]

So close, yet so far: summer running setbacks


So, a few weeks ago I recounted my hip flexor fail and how my running and half-marathon training plans were temporarily on hold until July. Push that back for at least another month. Friends, this setback has cut into my running and it is unbelievably frustrating. Setbacks at any juncture are … [Read more...]

Chasing the Sun 5K/10K Run/Walk Race Results!


We want to thank and congratulate every one that participated in this virtual run/walk! We hope that you had a fantastic time and will join us for our next race in the fall. Thank you for sharing your Chasing the Sun race photos with us! We loved seeing them! All of you looked amazing! A special … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday


    Can you believe it is FRIDAY already? It's nearly the middle of July so I wonder how you are doing with your fitness goals for this year. Fitness is a big part of our life around here at the 'hood, so sit down and think about how you are doing with your fitness goals. If they are … [Read more...]

You Never Know….

you never know

I had a really busy day. A good day, a fun day, but not an up on your feet and moving kind of day. At 8:00 at night, I didn't even have 4000 steps on my Fitbit. This was not good, but I was really tired and thinking of just not walking for the day. I got to thinking about how I hadn't missed a … [Read more...]

The Vacation Long Run

vacation long run

You know the scenario.  You have your training plan all mapped out for the next 18 weeks.  You thrive on structure and a schedule. decide to go on vacation (or a work trip, or conference, or girls weekend, whatever).  What's a runner to do when she has a 14 mile training run on the … [Read more...]

Summer Reading List 2014

Run Less Run Faster

If I had all the time in the world, I would spend a lot of it on this Summer Reading List 2014.  I love to read yet don't have nearly enough time to indulge this passion!  Here are some books I have my eye on to read- I have not read ANY of them.....YET! NUTRITION Wheat Belly - This book is … [Read more...]