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Tag: "fitness"

Strengthen your core...without crunches
[ 1 ] 04/05/2014

Strengthen your core…without crunches

It’s almost swim suit season. I don’t know about you, but my six pack is nowhere to be found and is probably still hibernating (and has been for years). In lieu of warmer weather and springtime clothes, it’s time to start focusing on my core. Our core is responsible for providing stability to our entire […]

Sisterhood Shots: April Photo-A-Day
[ 0 ] 04/01/2014

Sisterhood Shots: April Photo-A-Day

Happy April 1st! Welcome to another edition of Sisterhood Shots! I am so happy it’s April and Spring is just around the corner! Unless,  Mother Nature decides to pull an April’s Fools Joke on us and dump more snow! I am ready for short sleeves and warmer temps, aren’t you? No matter what the weather […]

Walking vs. Running
[ 6 ] 03/30/2014

Walking vs. Running

Walking vs. Running: Which is better? While this may be the million dollar question, the reality is that it all comes down to what you want to accomplish. Aerobic activity added into any routine has been proven to promote weight loss, improve sleep, elevate mood, boost energy levels, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels and […]

Just Walk
[ 2 ] 03/30/2014

Just Walk

You know how you sign up to be on an email list and then your box is flooded with stuff you don’t even look at? That’s how it was with me. Every night, I would delete, delete, delete email after email without even looking at them. In one of my new goals for the new […]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday
[ 5 ] 03/25/2014

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

It’s been a little while since I’ve been excited for a Toot Your Horn Tuesday, but I am excited this week. It feels good to want to tell you all something good that I’ve done. I walked the Shamrock Shuffle with a friend from high school. It was my first walk outside in many months. […]

The Older Sister Talks Menopause Fitness
[ 1 ] 03/14/2014

The Older Sister Talks Menopause Fitness

Christy tipped me off to a website to check out for all of us “older” sisters. It’s called Changings Ways from Estroven and it is really great. There is tons of information on there. They have workout plans and workout schedules. There are workout videos. My favorite though was the workout tips by Deb Horn. […]

Fitness for Women Over 40
[ 2 ] 03/11/2014

Fitness for Women Over 40

  Fitness for women over 40 is something I keep hearing a lot about lately. Maybe that’s because I’m approaching 50 and I have been looking more and more about how to take care of my aging body to make sure I am as healthy and fit as I can be.  I have 10 year […]

Habits and Routines: the good, the bad & the quirky
[ 1 ] 03/09/2014

Habits and Routines: the good, the bad & the quirky

Habits. Routines. Traditions. We all have them. When it comes to health, fitness and nutrition, they can be good, bad and downright weird. Whether you listen to the same soundtrack during your workout or have a specific, nightly cup of tea to ensure slumber, these patterns trigger reassurance, motivation and comfort. We are a routine […]

Thursday Three! {let's talk apps}
[ 2 ] 03/06/2014

Thursday Three! {let’s talk apps}

  Hi friends! For those of you who are new to the Sisterhood, one of the weekly features that we have done in the past is called The Thursday Three. I am dustin’ her off for old time’s sake. This is a post where we ask you to list three bullet points on any particular […]

Sisterhood Shots: March Photo-A-Day
[ 2 ] 03/01/2014

Sisterhood Shots: March Photo-A-Day

It’s time for the March edition of Sisterhood Shots! Grab your camera or your cell phones and get ready! We want to see your weight loss/fitness journey through the lens of your camera. This is a great way to document your  journey or an awesome addition to what you have done so far. If you […]

What If....
[ 0 ] 03/01/2014

What If….

What If seems to be a big issue with me lately so I thought I would address it for today’s post. What if usually takes me down a road I don’t want to get into, but sometimes it is a good path. The first place I almost always start with when I am asking ‘what […]

New Year's Weight Loss Bootcamp: Week 6 Check-In!
[ 1 ] 02/12/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Bootcamp: Week 6 Check-In!

We are flying through the second half of our Weight Loss Bootcamp Challenge! We are at the end of week 6, which means there are only 2 weeks left! How are all of you doing? Did you have a scale victory this week? How about a non scale victory? Either way, we are kicking some […]

The Older Sister / I Was You Once
[ 4 ] 02/09/2014

The Older Sister / I Was You Once

Do you remember what it was like when you were first starting your fitness journey? I started my journey at home. I watched what I ate and I walked. I did some wii games like the wii Fit and the Jillian Michaels one. There was no way that I was going to any studio or […]

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge #WLBootcamp #weightloss #challenge
[ 2 ] 02/05/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Bootcamp, Week 5

Good morning shrinkers! It’s the END of week 5!! HOLLA! How are you doing? Hangin’ in there? I hit a bit of a slump last week, but TORE up the scale this week with a GREAT loss. Happy day!! Go hop on your scale and look at that (hopefully smaller!) number! If you’re a blogger, […]

Tootin' Time - Toot Your Horn Tuesday
[ 7 ] 02/04/2014

Tootin’ Time – Toot Your Horn Tuesday

    It’s Tuesday and it’s time to do some tooting! I know you are laughing because I am, too! Everytime I type or say it, I start laughing. Yes, I’m a mom to two boys. It can’t be helped…. So let’s get right to the point as I’m sure y’all are busy today getting […]