June Tune-Up Leaderboard {June 28}

Hello, hello! Summer is shrinking away right before our eyes - and hopefully you are, too! Don't forget the final check-in for our June Tune-Up Challenge is on Saturday, June 30th! Each week we are randomly selecting a team who checks in on time, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card for … [Read more...]

June Tune-Up Leaderboard {June 21}

Good afternoon, June Tune-Uppers! I am amazed at the numbers this week! You are seriously kicking ass at tuning up! I'm so proud! Each week we'll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card for $10. This week our winning team is: Hawkeye! Congrats, Michal … [Read more...]

June Tune-Up Leaderboard {June 14}

June Tune-Up Challenge - A Weight Loss Challenge

We're two weeks into the challenge and everyone is kicking ass! I'm so proud of each and every one of you. Keep up the good work! Each week we'll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card. This week our winners are: Chocoholics Anonymous Congratulations … [Read more...]

June Tune-Up {Leaderboard #1}

June Tune-Up-01

We only had 5 days of shrinking, but holy cow, everyone is off with a bang! These numbers are outstanding! Keep up the great work, challengers! First off, the team randomly selected for this week's prize of either a $10 iTunes or Amazon gift card is: TEAM AWESOME! Ruth Ann H and Lynn U, … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer FINALE! {results}


For the past 11 weeks, we have pushed ourselves, ate the right foods, and sweated our butts off. Okay, well, maybe I didn't, but it's obvious by the numbers that some of you have been working so hard! The final results  are SO CLOSE! The Top 3 teams are separated by less than a few tenths of a … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer Leaderboard {august 25}


Hey, friends! Sorry I am so late today! Been crazy-busy with getting the kids back to school and volleyball and football and... Check the updated current team roster here! I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I can barely keep my eyes open! Here are the results! 6.01%    TEAM … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer Leaderboard {august 18}


How are you on this beautiful Thursday morning? We have some super-impressive numbers for you this week! I think y'all must have gotten hold of your second wind! First, go check the current team roster here, once again several more people have been dropped off teams for not checking in 4 or more … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer Leaderboard {august 11}


Good evening!! How is everyone doing today? Are you ready for some results?? First you may want to check out the roster page... I'm not gonna lie, it's looking really sad. Where'd you go? Look at the current team roster here. For several weeks in a row, Team 20 has been at the top of our list! … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer Leaderboard {august 4}


Just a quick leaderboard post today, I happen to still be in my pajamas and really need to get-get! First an announcement, we have several more challengers who have been de-activated.  {sigh} You can check out the current team roster here. But, I am happy to report we have several teams that are … [Read more...]