The North Face || Mountain Athletics Training Progress


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face. All opinions are 100% mine. It's been almost a month since I told you about The North Face's Mountain Athletics training app and completed my first workout -and I'm happy to report I'm still going strong! I haven't been able to … [Read more...]

Stitch Fix Review {April 2015}

Stitch Fix Review April 2015 #shrinkingjeans #fashion #stitchfix #style

What I Love About Stitch Fix It's easy! I'm a momma to six kids, and you can about imagine how much fun shopping is with a 3-year-old and 1-year-old in tow. No thank you. I much prefer to have my clothes delivered to my doorstep and then put on a fashion show for the kids! Post-runway walk, each … [Read more...]

Stitch Fix Review {February 2015}

Stitch Fix February 2015 Review #fashion #style #shrinkingjeans

Fill out your own style profile and schedule a Fix here! What is Stitch Fix? Awesome. Stitch Fix is awesome. The end. No really, it is one of my favorite things. I am a super-busy mom to 7, which doesn't leave me much time to spend on myself, especially shopping for clothing. The mere thought … [Read more...]

“How To” Series on Running, Part II


What do you need to start running? Way back in 2010, many of the writers at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans were training for their first half and full marathons with Team Shrinking Jeans.  They were celebrating Sisterhood Running Month with a "How To" series on running. You can catch Part 1 … [Read more...]

Full of Thanks


  November is a time to reflect on giving thanks and counting our blessings. I realize most of us will do this "formally" on Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks, but I want to take a few minutes and do it now, too!   First and for most, I am thankful to God for my health. I … [Read more...]

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge Finale!

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge

What does that say? The FINALE?! Where has the time gone, friends? How are you feeling? Have you succeeded in reaching your goals with the summer challenge? I (for once) can actually say I have lost a good deal of weight and am feeling GREAT! Who knows, by Christmas I could be near my goal weight … [Read more...]

The Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller


Yes, I just said double stroller. Never in a million years did I think that after selling the twins' double jogging stroller, I would be in the market for a double again. We were done having kids. D-O-N-E. Fast forward a few years later, and we are now proud {foster} parents of two little girls, one … [Read more...]

Oh My Thighs! April: Monthly Fitness Calendar

Oh My Thighs! A free monthly fitness calendar to give you extraordinary thighs, oh my! #workout #fitness

Our free monthly workout calendars have become a Sisterhood favorite. Each month, we focus on a specific area of our bodies and focus on toning, tightening, and building muscle. This month we are focusing on our thighs! Come May, your thighs will be looking fine, oh my! The goal of these monthly … [Read more...]

Toot Your Horn Tuesday… The Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Toot Your Horn Tuesdays at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! Come brag about your accomplishments from the past week! #health #fitness #diet

Good morning, all! How are you? If you are reading this, you obviously survived the hustle and bustle of the holiday and didn't get trampled down while black Friday shopping! Hooray! Tuesday is a day for Tooting... tooting our own horns, that is. I may have to dig a little deep here, but … [Read more...]

#MKTimeless {How I Would Wear My Michael Kors Watch}

How I would wear my #MKTimeless watch! #MKTimeless by melissa-anderson-i featuring a wrap dress Michael Kors is getting ready to release the Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch -only 2,000 of these gorgeous timepieces have been made. The watch features a 2.5 mm diamond, an etching of the iconic … [Read more...]

The Great Pinterest Round-Up {health & fitness edition}

The Great Pinterest Round-Up by @reallifeadv from @shrinkingjeans #heatlhy #living #fitness

The Great Pinterest Round-Up... featuring the week's best health and fitness finds! Pumpkin Spice Latte protein smoothie - mmmmm! Ten Reasons to Keep Backyard Chickens. Harvest Pasta e Fagiole Soup with Parmesan Crisps. Healthy Baking Substitutes. And of course, a quote: … [Read more...]