Empowering Youth Through Girls on the Run

Empowering Youth Through Girls on the Run #shrinkingjeans

I am nearing the end of my first coaching season with Girls on the Run. Some of you might be wondering....what is Girls on the Run? "Girls on the Run is a North American non-profit program that works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through dynamic, … [Read more...]

Destination Races: Everything You Need to Know

Destination Races

For runners, the all-important question of 'what race am I doing next' has morphed into 'where will I run my next race.' Destination races are quickly becoming the most popular way to run distance races, and international races taking the spotlight with many exotic location races available to choose … [Read more...]

Giving Up vs. Listening To Your Body

Modifying Is Not Giving Up

I don't condone giving up. Ever. Even if it's the one thing I want the most in the world at a particular moment - it really makes completing whatever you're trying to accomplish so much sweeter. I do, however, believe in listening to your body. And, sometimes, your body is trying to tell you that … [Read more...]

Dear Cyclist, From Runner

Dear Cyclist,From Runner #shrinkingjeans

This post is written based on personal experience from my last week's runs. The weather is turning nicer, which means more people outdoors exercising and training for upcoming events. I'm all for being outside and getting in a good sweat-session, but I'm also all for runner, cyclist, roller-blader, … [Read more...]

It’s Just A Hill, Get Over It!

It's Just a Hill, Get Over It! #running #shrinkingjeans

Last weekend, yours truly participated in a 15k race that I knew was going to kick my booty.  Wanna know why?  Because it would be one of the hilliest runs I've ever done.  I live in a pretty flat area, so if I want to seek out hills it takes a little work.  Normally, I'm content to run my usual, … [Read more...]

Combo Tuesday: True Confessions + Toot Your Horn

True Confessions & Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

It's Tuesday- the day we either toot our horns or confess the transgressions of the previous week (month/year). Today, I am going to do both.  I certainly have plenty of transgressions to share but I also want to share the good.  I am trying to lead a more positive life, yo. Let's get started, … [Read more...]

Review + Giveaway: Sweet Spot Skirts

Review + Giveaway-  Sweet Spot Skirts

I was a little anxious about trying a new skirt because I already have a brand I love BUT when I googled *best running skirt*, a new (to me) brand kept popping up. Sweet Spot Skirts. Although very loyal, I decided to give this new (to me) brand a try.  I am always willing to expand my brand love. … [Read more...]

Eliminating Excuses and Motivating Myself


It's time to change my mindset. Lately, I've had excuses coming out my ears for missing a workout and/or a run. I have a half marathon coming up in May and have done barely any training for it. I've always seemed to find a reason not to: May is still plenty far away, I've got time Missing one … [Read more...]

Choosing a Training Plan

Choosing a Training Plan #running #shrinkingjeans

One question many new runners ask is, "What's the best training plan for my (insert distance) race?"  I wish it was as easy as guiding them to a specific book or website, but choosing a training plan is a bit more complicated than that.  The plan you choose should take into account a number of … [Read more...]

Jerusalem Marathon #goisrael

Jerusalem Winner Marathon #goisrael

Have you ever dreamed of traveling and doing destination races? I do. Every day. What better way to experience a city or countryside than running through it on foot, and then staying a few days extra as a tourist? My first half marathon was with Team In Training, and I chose to run the San Diego … [Read more...]

When You Just Haven’t Trained…

donna collage

You've been there, right?  You sign up for a race with every intention of putting your all into training for it, then life gets in the way or for whatever reason your training has gone a bit off the rails.  Race weekend is approaching and you know you just aren't in the best shape to complete it as … [Read more...]

When You’re Just Burnt Out

When You're Just Burnt Out

Let me set the scene...you've been running for a few years, you have a bunch of races under your fuel belt, you have a couple more races on the not-so-distant horizon...BUT...you don't want to run. You're tired. You're bored. You're burnt out. I'm going to admit something to you.  This … [Read more...]

What to Eat Before Running

What to eat before running

One question I often receive over and over again on our Run with the Sisterhood Facebook page and in our Couch to 5k Group is "What should I eat before I run?"  It seems we all know that food is fuel for a runner, but what, when and how much is often the question. For many runners, what to eat … [Read more...]

26.2 Miles of Gratitude


The last two months of training have been difficult- physically and mentally.  The miles have taken their toll on me and I drudged through my training runs. I felt as if I had lost my love for running- it had become a chore.  One set of thoughts that would lift my spirits was thinking of all the … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis

14 Ways to Get Rid of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a pain in the heel. In my case BOTH heels. Ugh. Over the past year I've dealt with the pain and inconvenience of Plantar Fasciitis, and along the way I've tried just about everything possible to heel my heals. Last week I shared my journey with Plantar Fasciitis, and today I'm … [Read more...]