Journey to a Weight Loss Victory


This is Donya. She is a wife and mother. She is a friend to many of us here at the Sisterhood. She is a former writer for us. She is my new weight loss coach. She is also a true weight loss inspiration. This post is all about Donya and her journey to a weight loss victory! This is Donya … [Read more...]

June Tune-Up Leaderboard {June 14}

June Tune-Up Challenge - A Weight Loss Challenge

We're two weeks into the challenge and everyone is kicking ass! I'm so proud of each and every one of you. Keep up the good work! Each week we'll randomly select a team, who checks in, to win either an Amazon or iTunes gift card. This week our winners are: Chocoholics Anonymous Congratulations … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Your Butt Off! {January 22}


MONDAY:  Three Cheese Manicotti. TUESDAY: Enchilada Casser-Ole! WEDNESDAY: Chicken Breasts with Tomatoes and Olives. THURSDAY: Shrimp Sandwich Wrap with Curry Yogurt and Spinach. FRIDAY: Homemade pizza night! I don't have our recipe (yet!), but here is a yummy, health(ier) … [Read more...]

Dear Me. In 2013.

crystal ball

Happy New Year!!!! Wow, we're really getting up there, next year will already be 2013?? Are ya kidding me? Ok here we go. Friends, countryfriends, new friends and old! Hear ye, hear ye! It's time for our annual trip down memory lane, the most important project of the year! The Dear Me … [Read more...]

Shrink Yo’Self in 2012 {new challenge}

Happy New Year, friends! Are you so excited to start this year with a bang? Are you overflowing with ideas, plans, and resolutions? Yes? SO ARE WE! The Challenge We have a brand-spankin' new challenge for 2012! I will get into the details down below! This challenge is open to both Shrinkers … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Check-in {october 26}


Hello, SHRINKVIVORS! How are you doing? Are you holding your own on your tribe or have you packed up and headed to Exile Island? You know, where all the cool people hang out, like myself! Cough. Fitness Challenge You guessed it, MINUTES! Gasp! Run, bike, jump, ski, you name it. Get that body … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Check-in {October 12}


Greetings Shrinkvivor tribes!! It is the great and all powerful check-in day, when we let the scale speak for us (whether we like it or not!) How did we do this week? First things first, let's head on over and check in with the scale. When you get the numbers, make sure you write your post … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Challenge, Week One


Hello Shrinkvivors!! Welcome to Shrinking Jeans Island. Here you will join with your tribemates and try to Outfit, Outlose, and Outlast the competition! If you're new to SHRINKVIVOR, please go check out the Frequently Asked Questions right now! It will make everything much easier to … [Read more...]

Burst Into Summer Check In (Aug. 24)


Howdy ya'll! We sure hope everyone's surviving out there what with all the earthquakes and hurricanes abound up in here. Along with school starting, there's lots of stress to go around these days. We hope you're coping healthily and not turning to the cookie dough in the fridge. (Don't look at … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer Challenge Check-in, August 10


**NOTE** We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the site. We are working on it and hope that everything will be back to normal soon! Helllllllloooooo, Summer Challengers!  How is everyone doing this week?  Can you believe we are on the downhill side of this challenge already and … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: FAD Diets


Welcome to another addition of Throwback Thursday at the Sisterhood! This week we're taking a look back at fad diets. The days of yore when we wanted to weigh less and quickly and because we knew less, we went about it in a less healthy manner. And in droves. I've done this plenty. I … [Read more...]

Summertime & Boredom Eating

Child Lying in a Tent

It's one thing for me to be bored, popping a squat on the couch and sticking my fingers into a bag of chips nice bag of measured out healthy almonds while chomping away mindlessly. (Of course it's not a good habit to be mindlessly eating anything, but at least it's me.) It's quite another … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer Challenge Check-in, July 6


Good morning bursting into summer-ers! How are we feeling today? Have we hopped onto that scale this morning? (Was he/she your friend?) I have to say my scale was pretty good to me but only because of ills that hath befallen our house, and though it's definitely not my favorite way to lose 3 … [Read more...]

Burst into Summer: June 29th Leaderboard


We have now finished our second week of shrinkage! Hopefully, you are finding your groove and going strong! Our Top Shrinking team this week is... {again} TEAM 9! They lost 2.29% of their total weight since this challenge began! NICE JOB!!! Congrats to: Ashley L Cheryll C Heather … [Read more...]

Burst Into Summer: June 22 Check-In


Here we are Sisters & Brothers, our first official check-in for our new Burst Into Summer challenge.  Be sure to complete the form below by 9pm CT to check-in for the challenge. If you are blogging about your participation in the challenge, don't forget to leave a comment with a link to your … [Read more...]