FINAL Shrinkvivor Check-In!! {Nov. 16}


Holy smokes!  Can you believe we're already at the FINAL check-in for the 2011 Shrinkvivor Challenge?!  This challenge seems like it just flew by so quickly!  We're now only ONE DAY away from finding out who will be the Ultimate Shrinkvivor and win our fabulous prize package. Didn't make the Top … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Results {Finalists Announced}


In honor of living in the moment and going with the flow, I shot today's Shrinkvivor vlog with my six month old daughter. She's much cuter than I am. Enjoy.   httpv:// P.S. If this video is showing up sideways for you, switch from viewing in 360p to 240p. Or turn your … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Check-In :: November 9


Oh. My. Goodness. Can you believe it? We are almost to the end of the Shrinkvivor Challenge! As of today, the tribes have merged and we now have just one tribe left. Ladies and Gents, we now have Tribe LeanJean. And the results of today's weigh in will lead us to the Top 7 … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Tribal Council- November 3


httpv:// The tribes list will be updated later this evening. Be sure to check back later for the updated list! Guess what? We are now merging into ONE TRIBE! Yes! You heard me right! Each of you who remain after this tribal council are merging into one tribe and will battle … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Check-in {November 1}


Good morning SHRINKVIVORS!! Did you survive Halloween? Can you still zip your jeans? I hope so! We have officially ushered in the holiday season with Halloween. Yes, Halloween is just the beginning, so if you felt weak and stumbled, it's time to pull yourself up by the belt loops and get it … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Tribal Council – October 27


httpv:// The tribes list will be updated later this evening. Be sure to check back later for the updated list! The winner of this week’s BODYGLIDE gift pack is: Brooke F. from Exile Island! Congratulations!! Please email your information to Christy to claim your prize. … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Check-in {october 26}


Hello, SHRINKVIVORS! How are you doing? Are you holding your own on your tribe or have you packed up and headed to Exile Island? You know, where all the cool people hang out, like myself! Cough. Fitness Challenge You guessed it, MINUTES! Gasp! Run, bike, jump, ski, you name it. Get that body … [Read more...]

True Confessions


I don't know about you, but I had a pretty good week. What I'm confessing is mostly good. I'm also thinking that a lot of you will be doing the same thing. Saturday was our Run the 'Hood 5k. I had a blast doing it. I wrote all about it over here. I've been trying to read all the recaps. I … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Tribal Council {Oct. 20}


Ok, it's the time you've all been waiting for! The tribes have spoken and the Tribal Council video is ready.  Please pardon the random meow's from my kitty in the background.  Oh, and my work BlackBerry going off at one point, too. ;) httpv:// The tribes list will be … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Check-in {October 19}


It's Wednesday, so you know what that means.  It's Shrinkvivor check-in time!  How's everyone doing so far?  Have you been keeping up with the fitness challenge and mini challenges we've been throwing at you each week?  Be sure to check in and let us know how everything is going so far! Fitness … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Tribal Council {10/13/11}


It is time! The Tribal Council is up and the tribes have spoken. httpv:// The tribes list will be updated later this evening, find it here! The winner of this week's BODYGLIDE gift pack is: Kirsten S., from Tribe Yellow! Congratulations!! … [Read more...]

SHRINKVIVOR Check-in {October 12}


Greetings Shrinkvivor tribes!! It is the great and all powerful check-in day, when we let the scale speak for us (whether we like it or not!) How did we do this week? First things first, let's head on over and check in with the scale. When you get the numbers, make sure you write your post … [Read more...]

Shrinkvivor Challenge Check-In {10/05}


Hello SHRINKVIVORS! Welcome back to the island. This is week two and a very big week it is. This is where the real fun begins. This is where we see who did what the first week and the voting begins. It's time for you to go and weigh in. Go ahead, I'll wait. Now, go fill out the check in form. Be … [Read more...]