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Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 10 ] 03/05/2014

Check-In Wednesday

Good morning shrinkers! How has your week been? I’m slowly getting back to reality after a trip to a tropical paradise for a week. I miss the sun and warm, sandy beaches.   This cold, damp weather is not fun. It’s March, which is practically summer in Texas! So, this is a non-challenge week, but […]

Whittle Away For Water - Final Weigh In
[ 0 ] 12/11/2013

Whittle Away For Water – Final Weigh In

Today is our final weigh in for the Whittle Away for Water challenge that we have been doing for the past month, through DietBet. I hope that your month has been successful and encouraging. So go into your bathroom and weigh yourself carefully! If you are participating in the DietBet make sure you follow the directions […]

Fit 4 Fall Challenge - Week 4 - FINAL weigh-in
[ 4 ] 10/23/2013

Fit 4 Fall Challenge – Week 4 – FINAL weigh-in

Good morning, Shrinkers, one and all! Can you believe it’s the last week of of our Fit 4 Fall Challenge? Have any four weeks in the history of time ever flown by any faster? I think not! Whether you played along with us on DietBet, or participated on your own, either way your four weeks […]

Fit 4 Fall Challenge, Week 2 Check-In
[ 7 ] 10/09/2013

Fit 4 Fall Challenge, Week 2 Check-In

Good morning ladies (and gents)!  How is everyone feeling this morning?  Hopefully, smaller, right?! It’s that day of the week where we check-in and weigh-in.  Yes, weigh-in.  Go ahead and get that over with if you haven’t already done so.  If you are like me, you weigh first thing after waking up, as soon as […]

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge: Week 5
[ 27 ] 09/11/2013

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge: Week 5

Hey! Long time no hear nor see! I am around but so darn busy. I went back to work for the first time in 8 years and I am still tryng to find my new routine and schedule around working, exercising, taking care of three kids and LIFE. It keeps me on my toes and […]

Repeat after me: You are worth it! #weightloss #support #challenge
[ 4 ] 05/29/2013

Wednesday Check-in

Checkity check-in, it’s time for you to check in! How is your week going? Did you have a fabulous long weekend? We did! It was rainy in Texas, and we so desperately need the rain right now. I know a lot of people had races this weekend, and I even saw some people had brand […]

Weekly Check-In, May 22
[ 5 ] 05/22/2013

Weekly Check-In, May 22

I looked at the calendar this morning and couldn’t believe it was already May 22. We are almost half-way through the year. HOW did that happen? I don’t know about you, but I set goals at the beginning of the year, and now I’m just home from an 8-Day Disney Cruise with a few extra […]

New Year's Weight Loss Challenge {FINAL Check-in}
[ 2 ] 02/27/2013

New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge {FINAL Check-in}

Where, oh where has the time gone? Seriously. My head just cannot wrap itself around the fact that it is almost March!!! Today is the final weigh in for our New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge! Hop on the scale and check in for the final time! Be sure to leave a comment letting us know […]

New Years Weight Loss Challenge / Week 4 Weigh In
[ 9 ] 01/30/2013

New Years Weight Loss Challenge / Week 4 Weigh In

YIKES!!!! Does that say week 4???? That means we are already halfway through this eight week New Years Weight Loss Challenge. Where did that time go? It is only three days away from February 1. This year is already flying by. How’s this challenge going for you? Are you still hanging in there? Are you […]

The Great Maintenance Challenge - The END!
[ 1 ] 12/26/2012

The Great Maintenance Challenge – The END!

Cookies, candy, and booze! Oh, my! Have you finished decking the halls with bows of holly. I have! And personally, I’m just about Fa la la la la, la la la la’d out! This holiday season has flown by. At warp speed. And now it’s time to tip toe over to the friendly little scale, for […]

Great Maintenance Challenge Check In - Week 1
[ 4 ] 11/28/2012

Great Maintenance Challenge Check In – Week 1

Wow, can you believe it?  Thanksgiving was nearly a week ago already!  How is that even possible?!  Since it has been nearly a week, you know what that means, right?  It’s time for our first weekly check-in for The Great Maintenance Challenge! Did you indulge in too many goodies?  Did you let Thanksgiving Day become […]

Weekly Check-in {September 19}
[ 10 ] 09/19/2012

Weekly Check-in {September 19}

There once was a woman from Belgium, Whose waistline had taken to bulgin’, She cut back on the cake, Long walks did she take, And now the scale once more is budgin’. That’s right, baby! I’m on my way back down to my happy weight. Only three more pounds to go! And honestly, I haven’t […]

The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - a great community blog for weight loss and fitness support. #weightloss #fitness #support @shrinkingjeans
[ 5 ] 09/12/2012

Weekly Check-in {September 12}

Wakey wakey eggs and nakey! Nope that wasnt a typo, it is time, girlfriend. Time to wake up, get nakey and step on the scale! (Unless of course you’re a clothing weigher, either way don’t let me stand in your way, head on over and git ‘er done!) That wasn’t so bad was it? There […]

Check (in) Please!
[ 6 ] 09/05/2012

Check (in) Please!

Ok people, it’s that time of the week again. Time to don your birthday suit and hop on that scale and see what’s happenin’! Or, if you are like me lately, what isn’t happenin’! What’s that you say? You need a nudge? How about this one for your body and this one for your soul? […]

July Weekly Check-In
[ 5 ] 07/18/2012

July Weekly Check-In

OK ladies (and gents)! I am on vacation this weekend in Florida so I am going to keep this short and sweet. It’s that day of the week where we check-in with each other and let our sisters know how we are doing.  So I ask you- How are you doing? I’m sure you are […]