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Tag: "weight loss"

Weights - Fitness Friday
[ 10 ] 04/04/2014

Weights – Fitness Friday

  You’ve all seen them at the gym, right? The well toned girls lifting weights over in the corner with the guys….It’s Fitness Friday and we are going to talk about some of the reasons why the girls over there lifting weights are so cool! By the way, I’ve always been one of the girls […]

Spring Into Action, Week 3
[ 6 ] 04/02/2014

Spring Into Action, Week 3

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY weigh in day, shrinkers! And welcome to April! WOW, where has this time gone? Already 1 quarter of the way through 2014 – are you getting closer to your goals you set for yourself? Well, we’re so glad you’re here and part of our fantastic Spring Into Action weight loss challenge. Weight […]

Walking vs. Running
[ 6 ] 03/30/2014

Walking vs. Running

Walking vs. Running: Which is better? While this may be the million dollar question, the reality is that it all comes down to what you want to accomplish. Aerobic activity added into any routine has been proven to promote weight loss, improve sleep, elevate mood, boost energy levels, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels and […]

The Key to Successfully Losing Weight, For Me
[ 1 ] 03/13/2014

The Key to Successfully Losing Weight, For Me

The key to successfully losing weight for me was all in my diet.  I don’t mean I *dieted* because the word diet conjures up so many negative connotations.  When I say diet, I mean changing the way I ate, what I ate, and the portions I ate, being mindful of what I consumed, making a […]

Natural and Organic Gardening
[ 2 ] 03/11/2014

Natural and Organic Gardening

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nature’s Care. All opinions are 100% mine. After crazy, cold Texas winter, there’s nothing I look forward to more than the arrival of spring, and getting my beds ready for vegetable planting. I’ve already noticed my pear and apple trees budding out, and Mother […]

Spring Into Action Weight Loss Challenge
[ 10 ] 03/05/2014

Check-In Wednesday

Good morning shrinkers! How has your week been? I’m slowly getting back to reality after a trip to a tropical paradise for a week. I miss the sun and warm, sandy beaches.   This cold, damp weather is not fun. It’s March, which is practically summer in Texas! So, this is a non-challenge week, but […]

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge #WLBootcamp #weightloss #challenge
[ 2 ] 02/19/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge, Week 7

We’re rolling in to the last week of our challenge! Can you believe that it’s already been 7 weeks. SEVEN glorious weeks of losing weight together, and having fun doing it, most of the time ;) Personally, this challenge has been one of the best that every happened to me. Not only am I trying […]

A-B-C's of Healthy Weight Loss
[ 0 ] 02/10/2014

A-B-C’s of Healthy Weight Loss

This past week there has been A LOT of talk about weight loss and the “healthy” way to do it. It made me start thinking about healthy weight loss, so I’m going to share some of the basics or ABC’s of weight loss with you. There are many ways to lose weight and every where […]

Sexy and Slimming Valentines Day Food
[ 0 ] 02/07/2014

Sexy and Slimming Valentines Day Food

Just when you thought you were past holiday eating and indulgence, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner with loads of chocolate, wine and decadence. Instead of spending the Day of Love eating rich foods that leave you feeling bloated and heavy, amp up the chemistry between you and your partner with these deliciously sexy […]

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge #WLBootcamp #weightloss #challenge
[ 49 ] 01/29/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Bootcamp Check-in, Halfway Point!

  Update: Congratulations, Sarah Lund! You are the winner of the Fitbit Force!!! Please email with your color choice/size and mailing info!  Good morning, my shrinking friends! How are you this morning? It’s that time of the week where we hold ourselves accountable and check our progress thus far! We are halfway through our […]

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge #WLBootcamp #weightloss #challenge
[ 13 ] 01/22/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Bootcamp Check-in, Week 3

Happy Wednesday, Shrinkers!! Can you believe we’re already 3 weeks in to this fabulous 2014 new year’s weight loss challenge? It’s time to step gingerly on to that scale and see the fantastic (hopefully SMALLER) number in store for you this week! If you’re a blogger, please blog and share your link in the comments. […]

Green Tea, Coffee and Weight Loss
[ 3 ] 01/21/2014

Green Tea, Coffee and Weight Loss

Being part of the Shrinking Jeans community, you already know that healthy weight loss results from a combination of clean eating, healthy lifestyle, physical activity, adequate sleep and balanced stress levels. There is no silver bullet, no magic potion that will miraculously melt away the flab, but small additions, such as regular consumption of certain […]

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Weight Loss Boot Camp Challenge #WLBootcamp #weightloss #challenge
[ 34 ] 01/08/2014

New Year’s Weight Loss Boot Camp Check-In, W1

HOLY MOLY! I can’t believe we already made it through week 1 of our New Year’s Weight Loss Boot Camp! How are you holding up? I’m sure wherever you are (if you’re in the US) it’s probably cold. Unless of course you live in SoCal. And then we really don’t like you right now! Ha! […]

Farewell to 2013 Party. Weight Loss Bootcamp Challenge #WLBootcamp
[ 25 ] 12/31/2013

2013 Farewell Party #WLBootcamp

Today is the last day of 2013! Are you feeling a little nostalgic or ready to jump right into a 2014 weight loss challenge? Well, hold your horses just a second! Each year we set goals, create resolutions, and make big plans for the new year, but we fail to properly take stock of what […]

Why Join the 'Hood?
[ 9 ] 12/29/2013

Why Join the ‘Hood?

   ”What is the ‘hood? Why do you like the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans? Why should I join? What does it cost? Why do you love it so much?” These are just a few of the questions I have received from a few of my friends recently. Today, I’m going to attempt to provide […]