Holiday Weight Gain Anxiety

holiday weight gain anxiety

I was perusing the posts in our Sisterhood Facebook group this morning and saw one that made me smile. It read, 'Stay strong sisters! The holidays are coming. Enjoy yourself, but don't over-indulge and keep up working out! :) We can do this!' The support in our group is amazing and real. This … [Read more...]

Accountability Buddies

accoutnability buddies

Having someone to hold you accountable on your fitness journey is just as important as diet, exercise, and mental health. Sometimes we need someone else who can remind us why we started to keep us going towards our goals. There are important qualities you need in an accountability buddy - they have … [Read more...]

New Beginnings

new beginnings

This post is all about new beginnings! The first and arguably most important beginning I’m going to mention is the start of my son’s life. Roman Gabriel was born on September 23rd at 11:13 a.m. after 24 hours of some very sucky labor. He was a whole 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches long and looks … [Read more...]

Consistently Challenged

sleep is the key

The most complicated part of my healthy living journey has been being consistent, day in and day out. Over and over I tell myself I am going to be consistent with making the right choices. I do great for a few days a week or even a month or two following the eating plan or the exercise plan I came … [Read more...]

Half Marathon Training: The Beginning

half marathon training

Day Four of Half Marathon Training, August 2009 Dear Diary, Today I wanted to throw up in neighbor’s yard. I almost stopped to do so, but then I realized that I hadn't eaten anything, and I was afraid of dry heaving. And so I continued with Mile 3. I haven't seen morning darkness since the … [Read more...]

When Pictures Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Pictures when they don't tell the whole story

I have been overweight since after I had my first son 25 years ago. When I found out I was pregnant with him I weighed a whopping 123 pounds, and when I gave birth to him some 8 months later I weighed 175 pounds. I will never forget the disgust I felt when I got on the scales at that last doctor's … [Read more...]

I Need a Challenge

I need a challenge

There are times when I find myself in a rut. I get to a place where I just hit that proverbial brick wall and can’t seem to move anywhere, with anything. My problem is always finding that boost to get me over it. What’s your brick wall? Is it food? Time? Energy? How are you tackling the … [Read more...]

Healthy Living: It’s Not Always Sunshine and Roses

Healthy Living-It's not always sunshineand (1)

I really wanted this week's post to be full of confetti and balloons because, you see, it's my birthday week.  I'll warn you right now...if you are looking for a post full of sunshine and rainbows, this ain't it.  Last year I ran 20 miles (marathon training, not because I'm crazy) and posted on my … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Getting Back In the Healthy Living Game

5 TIPS for getting back in the healhty living game

This healthy living stuff is HARD. I mean, really–it. is. hard.  The health journey is just that: a journey, with starts and stops, peaks and valleys, and unfortunately we can't always be in a peak. So many things seem to get in the way: life, work, kids, marriage, and STUFF.  Each of these … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Start Losing Weight TODAY

Four Tips to Start Losing Weight TODAY #shrinkingjeans

I have always wanted to be that person who just lost weight with zero effort.  When someone would ask me how I have managed obtaining my figure, I would just breezily flip my hair and say, “I really didn’t do anything at all.  The weight just MELTED OFF on its own while I ate too much and sat on the … [Read more...]

Sisterhood Shots: July Photo-A-Day

Sisterhood Shots Photo-A-Day

The 1st of the month means a brand new edition of Sisterhood Shots! This is a fun and creative way to document your weight-loss/fitness journey or an awesome addition to what you have done so far. Grab your camera and make our photo-a-day part of your daily routine. If you’ve not participated in … [Read more...]

Fighting stagnation

Fighting Stagnation

In December 2014, I weighed 15 pounds heavier than I did when I gave birth to my daughter nearly two years previously. It wasn’t that big of a deal – 15 pounds isn’t that much, right? Well, that’s true – but it’s also not true. Fifteen pounds can be a lot – especially when it’s 15 pounds away … [Read more...]

Sisterhood Shots: June Photo-A-Day

Sisterhood Shots Photo-A-Day

Welcome to the June edition of Sisterhood Shots! It's the time of year to be outside and get active! If you're starting a weight-loss/fitness journey, or you're in the middle of one, Sisterhood Shots is a great way to help document your journey. Each day, use the photo prompt list to capture a … [Read more...]

My Whole30 {And SJ Challenge!}

Sisterhood Whole30 Challenge

This post is about the Whole30 program. I am not a doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist. This is simply my experience. All opinions are my own - I was not compensated by any Whole30 affiliate. As always, before you start any new diet or exercise program, consult with your doctor. To read about our … [Read more...]

My Low-Carb Experience: Week 1

My Low-Carb Experience: Week One #shrinkingjeans

As I posted a couple weeks ago, I decided to make some changes to my diet and fitness routine in the hopes of breaking some bad habits and teaching my body to use its fat stores as fuel versus carbs.  Like I said in that post, I'm not a nutritionist or dietitian or anything of the sort - this is … [Read more...]