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Lets see, if I do the math correctly (yes i’m counting on my hand…sheesh)today is the 6th day of my new weight loss journey. 6 days already? really? wow. Most importantly, I still feel really good about it.

Although I haven’t recorded every meal for each day, I did plan out my breakfast, snacks and lunch this week. Planning dinner this week was a bit of a challenge since we were getting things ready for Thanksgiving. There was a night of frozen pizza but I used  some self control in portion sizes( seeing that I didn’t wolf down half a pizza by myself). Not to be outdone by the dinner of cheerios. Yummy right?

I am curious how others thanksgiving dinners went though. Here is mine:

Breakfast: black coffee and lots of it

(no snacks or lunch)

Dinner: @3pm

1small slice of turkey (not a turkey fan but I needed protein)

3/4c of mashed potatoes

1/2c gravy

3/4 c green beans

1/2c stuffing

1 small slice of white cake

2 cups of milk

Late night– 1 Smirnoff Ice beverage

According to WW I used 25 points for the day(my target is 27) and I am completely satisfied with that. Normally I would have consumed 25 points in appetizers alone on thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for me was a dieters success. I managed not to over indulge but yet I still enjoyed everything I like, including cake!

While the eating was under control for these past 6 days, my increase in activity has not been. My goal to do an exercise video each day never did happen. It seems that I have a HUGE problem with doing exercise at home. Every time I get ready to take 30 minutes out for exercising I find that the laundry needs to be done or a child wants to be fed. Excuses…excuses… I know.

So in the next few days I am planning to increase my water intake, plan dinners and find time to increase my activity. (Feel free to send me emails nagging me to exercise, I’ll need it.)

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