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If you are planning on traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, chances are you will be skimping on the exercise. I know that I rarely get my workouts in when I am out of town. There are plenty of ways to get some exercise done while being away from the gym and without lugging a bunch of heavy equipment along.

**Pack your athletic shoes. Could it be any simpler? Walking is one of the most efficient forms of exercise you can do it ANYWHERE. Staying with friends or relatives? Grab a buddy and head out for a walk, it’s a great way to burn calories and get some quality chat time in! Too cold? Head to a shopping mall and do your walking inside. Take the stairs whenever possible.

Justin and I are in San Diego as I write this. We have made a point to go for walks in the mornings along the beach. I even had to chew his butt for trying to take the automatic walkway thing at the airport instead of walking.

**If you are staying in a hotel, check to see if they offer a fitness room or swim some laps while the kids are playing around in the pool.

**Get busy with Wii. Wii Fit combines fitness AND fun -there’s yoga, aerobic exercise, and strength training. Other titles to help you break a sweat? Try Shaun White’s Snowboarding or Top Spin 3.

**Bring along your favorite exercise DVD. Pop it in your laptop and get busy. If space is tight, try pilates or yoga. I personally enjoy Turbo Jam and Tae Bo!

**Bring a jump rope or a resistance band. It’s a great way to work multiple muscle groups. For some ideas, look here.

**Grab some floor space and do crunches and push-ups. My husband is out of town quite a bit and he makes a point to do multiple sets of push-ups every day. He puts his Perfect Push-Ups in a certain spot, and every time he passes by them, he drops for twenty. It may sound silly, but you can see a difference in his arms and pecs.

You probably won’t lose weight while you are vacationing, but maintaining your fitness may keep you from gaining. Let’s get busy!

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