Post-Thanksgiving… | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


So, how did everyone do over the holiday weekend? I did not do so hot myself. I had a little bit of every dish for dinner, but I also had a few more beers than necessary. And my self-control this weekend was all downhill from there. We went to stay with Justin at the rig for a few days, and I’m telling you, there WAS NO HEALTHY FOOD. And it’s not like there is a grocery store we can just stop by. Leftovers, lime tortilla chips, breakfast sausage… ugh.

BUT, today is a new day. I am back home, and I am going to have a good week. I will be back to the gym tomorrow and am going to try to make it every morning weekday. I am expecting it to be hard, considering I have taken a week-and-a-half hiatus and am suffering from a terrible chest cough, but it will feel SO GOOD. I have come to realize that I get a little grumpy when I skip the exercise. I never thought I would be saying that!!

I have been keeping track of my workouts on my other blog, but will now be posting them here instead. I hope all of you will help keep me in line, in return I will do the same for you!! ;o)

Let’s hear it… How did you do?

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