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  Oddly enough I did better on Thanksgiving then I did yesterday.   I caught a teenie tiny snacking bug yesterday and decided to eat some Ritz crackers with the kids as each one of them came up individually and asked for some.  I was at my MotherInLaw’s yesterday with my neices and nephews so there were 100s of kids constantly asking for food.  But I only had six crackers… as opposed to a whole sleeve.. which I could have easily eaten.   So when I got up today and found my weight equal what it was on Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised, that I had actually survived Thanksgiving with out completely falling off the wagon. 

Today was busy busy so I didnt snack, but I did have birthday cake and ice cream (its my birthday after all).  Beth made sure I had appropriate portions and i really do appreciate that.. I shouldn’t be trusted to cut my own cake .  

It was fun, in  sort of a masochistic  way – to give the kids a snack today of girl scout cookies and not eat any myself. Normally I would shy away from them and give the kids something else less tempting for me, but I sort of enjoyed looking at the cookies and knowing I would love to eat them all – but being in control and just saying NO. 

Being in control is a really good feeling.