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What’s the first thing any diet or exercise program should start with? Water! If we have heard it once, we have all heard it a thousand times, “increase your water”. Unfortunately out of convenience many of us have all turned to just grabbing a plastic water bottle and then tossing them into the garbage. The problem with that is as we increase our water intake we will also increase the number of plastic (PET) bottles in our landfills. The solution is quite simple… reusable water bottles.

There are many kinds of reusable water containers out there but the SIGG has become all the rage. With so many sleek, hip designs these reusable aluminum bottles are both durable and light weight. Not to mention easy to take with you on the go. The seamless aluminum design is proven (FDA) safe and resistant to fruit juice acids and energy drinks alike. Leaving you with a clean, fresh drink every time! No more lingering aftertastes like you would with plastic. So not only do they look great, the drinks taste great  too!

Another great feature is that SIGG makes many different leak proof tops. Whether it’s a sport top or a SIGG kidz top, you can never go wrong since they fit any bottle. So, not only are they great to carry for just yourself, but for your whole family.

Worried about dropping your aluminum bottle? No need. Denting will not harm the internal lining. The SIGG has been a favorite of hikers for years.

After using mine this past summer, I myself am a true believer. It has had everything from Gatorade to tap water in it without a hassle. No funny metal tastes and even after dropping it a few times, it’s still looks brand new. Mine has become my new accessory as I too plan to “increase my water intake” on my new weight loss journey. (and save the environment at the same time)

*While the SIGGS can be used with many liquids it is not recommended to store any hot liquids in them, it will leave the container unable to hold. Unless you have an insulated pouch!

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