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When people hope to lose weight, there is usually a big motivator right?  A wedding, to lose baby weight or even a vacation. I have had every single one of those reasons, but yet it for some reason or another I never made it work for me. Now??? I want to change that. I need to change that. After eight years of being “obese” and even having a doctor suggest bariatric surgery, I am ready. Ready for a new chapter of my life to begin.

In 6 short months a new decade beings for me. The big 3-0. Thirty. Twenty-one plus a few. However I  say it, it all remains the same. After years of  shoveling unhealthy food in and sitting on the couch, it’s time for a healthier lifestyle. Crooked Eyebrow does not want to start her thirties off overweight and unhealthy.

With  a motivator set in place, now comes the goal. Sure I could probably go on some extreme weight loss craze and drop all my weight before May but having done that in the past, I know it doesn’t work.  Been there done that and the 10 extra pounds I gained back with it.

Once long ago I weighed a beautiful 135#. Am I ever going to see that again? Nope. For me I think I would feel so much better 50 pounds lighter. That is going by what I think I would feel good at. I did not look up my BMI and I didn’t have a doctor tell me what I “should be at”.  To put it simply, I am setting a goal that I am comfortable with setting for myself.  Am I going to be able to reach that before May? Probably not but knowing that I’m on my way to the 50 pound mark on my 30th birthday will be the best birthday gift I could ever give myself.

Mark it on the calendar folks…

May 31, 2009

I WILL be entering my thirties in a much lighter, healthier and happy way.

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