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I am very proud to say that I weighed in this morning at 6lbs less then what I weighed last week.  Of course last week I was holding a 10lb weight when I stepped on the scale… no I’m kidding.   So only 9 more weeks to lose 54 more pounds, right ?  Oh, I wish..  Unfortunately, I have experienced first hand a month or two into the diet when you are fighting to lose 1 to 2lbs a week when you swear you are barely eating anything. But I will deal with that when it happens.. in the mean time I will bask in the glow of a successful week despite two thanksgiving dinners, two birthday cakes and 5 days off of work.

I was talking to Beth this morning about the success and she asked if I felt like I missed anything by not eating so much.  I quickly replied “Yes” without really thinking about it.   “I would have liked to have eaten more of everything.”   I think that response was interesting in that I was judging my happiness with the meal based of the amount of food I ate.  Or that eating more would have made me feel like I didn’t miss anything. Pretty silly way to think about things.  Maybe I’ll work on appreciating the taste of the food or the conversation during the meal as a way to determine if I am happy with the meal.. as opposed to how much food I can shovel in my mouth. 

I’m staying late at work today to go to our new building and receive some equipment, hence why I am blogging during the day.  I am freaking hungry right now, or should I say..  I have that feeling in my stomach that makes me think I need to eat food.   I’m not really hungry. just bored.  I’m not really bored either I guess, just not so busy that I pay no mind to the feeling in my stomach.  I have 33oz of water waiting for me in 15 minutes that I am sure will keep my stomach busy for a while. In the mean time I will think happy thoughts about how sometime in the relatively near future my clothes should actually start fitting me again.