A dinner I have to tell you about! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


So I added a What’s Christy Eating tab to the top of my section of the blog. Go here to check it out! I’ll try to list everything I eat, everyday, with points values!

So I had to tell you about my dinner. I was so excited that I could eat so much for so few points. Barilla Pasta has a Tortelloni pasta, available in the dry pasta section of the grocery store, that’s only 4 points per serving. And it’s a good sized portion!!! I had the spinach and ricotta version tonight and my kids even gobbled it up. I paired it with Newman’s Own Sockarooni pasta sauce and some steamed veggies. Good stuff. I’m pretty full and still have points to spare today.

That’s my kind of meal!

Barilla also has lots of good info on the nutrition of pasta and some good recipes.

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