Cookie Monster !! | The Shrinking Jeans of Brian


Posted by brian on December 22, 2008

I really thought I was big and bad after successfully navigating Thanksgiving week and coming out ahead.  I had myself convinced that if I could do that, I Christmas would be easy. After all, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is mostly about one big meal.  Christmas on the other hand is about lots of things besides the big dinner on Christmas day.  Things like.. COOKIES!!

Beth decided to make about 30,000 cookies for her mommy’s group meeting (or some function I can’t recall right now, not that it matters).  Homemade cookies are so easy to eat. You dont even have to open a cupboard and open a box and unroll the plastic packaging.. sometimes they are just sitting there on a plate out in the open.  What are you supposed to do ? Walk by and not eat any ?  I’m sure its possible.. but I just couldn’t help but indulge. Well I suppose I could have stopped, just didn’t feel like it.  So here I am on sunday night weighing about the same as I did two weeks ago !  ( i should probably mention there was a fair amount of alcohol that was consumed at the company christmas party, but i’m sure that has nothing to do with it. )   I have a rough couple days ahead to make sure I lose that weight before I weigh in on Wednesday.  Probably would have helped if I had done a better job of counting points.. or .. actually exercised.  I did get on the Wii fit yesterday and was my lowest weight ever on it, so that was exciting and encouraging.

Now that I think about it.. I guess I only have one rough day ahead since its monday and not Sunday like i thought.  I didnt go to work today .. so I guess that is why i’m confused.  Oh well.   I need to go .. I have weight to lose !!!