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The total body balance ball kit by Gaiam

Not only does this balance ball look fun to use, but after you get the hang of it, it is! A perfect way to add  variety to your at home exercise routine!

Sure we can keep getting on the floor for endless hours of  boring abdominal crunches and leg lifts but with this strong, anti-burst balance ball it will have your core muscles moving in ways you never thought you could feel.

Along with the included video you’ll be down on the floor with this balance ball exercising your abs, back, glutes, hips, arms and more. The instructors on the video are easy to watch and follow .

When looking for a balance ball, I found that kits that included the ball itself, a pump and a video where the best buy. There are many accessories available for balance balls including resistance bands, mats and even chairs.

Soon after using the balance ball you will find that it very easy to use . For myself I find it to be relaxing  and I love how it forces the use of my core muscles while balancing. Who knew I even had core muscles? So for now, I’m down with the balance ball.  For only about $25 this total kit is totally worth it.

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