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To be quite honest, when I awoke I wanted to stay in my nice warm bed all day. I didn’t want to go to work and I certainly didn’t want to weigh myself today.

I was doubting myself a bit. I knew that I had tried to squeeze in exercise and that this week was really  all about trying to avoid falling back into bad habits. Habits of just shoveling food in when I wasn’t really hungry. Habits of eating an entire pizza and wings. (yes I had pizza this week, but used portion control)

So I stepped into the chilly bathroom first thing this morning and stepped on the all mighty scale. The digital numbers danced a bit and then they stopped. There it was, the biggest mood up-lifter ever. In an instant I felt empowered, I felt that all my efforts paid off. Down three pounds in one week.(insert big smile here)

Now as I pound out my rambling thoughts on the keyboard before I leave for work, I feel encouraged that I can ( and will) lose weight in a healthy, happy, proud way.  Now I want more. I have had a little taste of success and  I’m gonna fight for more. Like fifty pounds more… but dammit, today  I feel proud.

( I was 213.5 when the site started, today I am 206)

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