Let it begin!! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Day one of our “dreaming of a light Christmas” challenge and I am ready.

My goals are in place and my skinny jeans are waiting for me. I can hear them rooting for me already. (they are tired of being way back in the closet!)

So if you check tout my numbers page here, you can see that since this site launched and my weight loss journey began that I have lost 4 pounds already. It can be done!

I ‘ve had a just a taste of weight loss, now I want more! I’m ready for the challenge. Question is, are YOU? If so (and you should be, you can do it!!) contact us and grab a button for you blog then report back to the sisterhood of shrinking jeans each week to weigh in. It’s that easy!

What are you waiting for?


GO now!

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