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During the week at work, finding time to take a lunch is often difficult. I  often found myself eating on the go out of “not so nutritious” vending machines and feeling hungry and horrible in just a sew short hours. My body was not getting the nutrition it needed at work. Snacks loaded with sugar,fats and high carbs were leaving me lifeless and unproductive by two  o’clock in the afternoon.

Sure I had tried the old slim fast years ago, the powdered product and the original shake. Yuck! The original was awful and I never could even finish one because of the strong, chalky taste. Not appealing is it? Then Slim-Fast released the Optima shake.

With fewer calories and sugar than the original, this shake boasts to control hunger for up to four hours. I must say that it’s about 3 hours for me and then it is time to eat an apple or banana.

Slim Fast Optima: 190 calories    6 fat grams   5 grams of fiber    10 grams of protein   25 carbs

Original shake: 220 calories   3 fat grams    5 grams of fiber   10 grams of protein   40 carbs

After drinking the Optima shakes off and on for about 2 years.  At first I was afraid to try them knowing how the original tasted but I was shocked at the difference. Optima shakes  have a much smoother texture and taste than the original. With 5 different flavors there is a wonderful variety to my lunches! I love the chocolate ones! I love them. Honestly, I look forward to the rich chocolate goodness for lunch. Well sure a Big Mac sounds better, but for the right amount of points for a better lunch( and a cheaper one) I’m all for stocking my fridge full of them!

Of course Slim-Fast has the plan where you drink 2 shakes a day, eat 3 healthy snacks and a sensible dinner. For Me? I don’t follow that plan exactly. For me the shakes are only used when I know I will not be prepared for a lunch or if the lunch whistle never blows. If I only get 5 minutes to grab something I know I always have a cold one in the fridge. To me drinking the chocolate shake is far better than eating a candy bar and chips. So while I don’t use slim-fast as diet solution, I do use the shakes as a better, tasty lunch alternative.

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