The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC – Eating Right Because Our Jeans Are Too Tight


Last night was  Christmas at my Mother’s house and there was tons of food as usual.  I went there knowing I was going to be good. I planned for it. Before I left I weighed myself  ( i like what I saw too!) and I put on tighter jeans so I could feel uncomfortable if I ate too much. I think it all worked, because I controlled it all. That feeling of being in control is awesome I tell ya!


Only little adjustments were made. While I tasted everything, it was only tastes. I do have to admit something, I am a pickle lover. Last night for the first time in my life I, Crooked Eyebrow put a pickle back. It was there on my plate and all I saw was a spear of sodium. My mom and sister watched in amazement, they couldn’t believe it either.

Christmas cookies?? I had one, thought it was too sweet and threw the rest away. Did you read that??? I wasted a cookie and it didn’t even fall on the floor. I willingly chose not to finish it. Brownies on the other hand, I had 2 small ones and I savored every little bite.  Now that was worth it…

Normally in a family gathering I would have consumed about 3 cans of sprite and a few bottles of malt beverages. Nope, no pop or booze for me.  It was only water for me. The more I drank water, then better I felt.

So  looking back on last night’s  holiday gathering I know I did good.  I felt good. Quite frankly I shocked myself and I just loved having that feeling of being in control. Fitting in a size smaller jeans helped too. I know I can get used to that feeling!

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