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How did everyone do with the mini-challenge this week? I got wrapped up in the Christmas hustle and bustle and only got 3 workouts in. I don’t have any excuses, I COULD have found a few minutes here and there to do some crunches, I just didn’t. How did you do?

This week, as things start to settle down again, I want you to start thinking about your fitness goals for the new year. Maybe it’s participating in a 5K or 10K, maybe trying new activities, or even hiring a personal trainer to help whip yourself into shape. Think about what you want your body to do in 2009 and either comment here and share with us, or write your own post on your blog and leave a link so we can check it out!

My personal goals? I would love to do another half-marathon and do more RUNNING than WALKING. I am also considering hiring a personal trainer for a month or so to show me how to benefit from free weights and such. And of course, I want to continue hitting the gym hard.

Let’s hear it peeps, what are your hopes for your body in this fast-approaching new year?

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