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There is one thing that has seriously been lacking in my workouts the last few months: stretching! I usually go straight from my cardio routine to strength training. I know I SHOULD be doing it and I really don’t have a reason why I haven’t been doing it other than pure laziness! So the last two days I have taken 5-10 minutes to stretch after I have finished my cardio. Let me tell you -it feels SO GOOD. Why haven’t I been doing this all along?

Why should we stretch?

*It makes your muscles longer and leaner. This is one of my main reasons I wanted to start stretching. I don’t want my muscles to look huge and bulky. I want Kelly Ripa arms.

*Stretching will improve your flexibility as well as your range of motion. I have a personal goal of being able to do the splits again one day! ;o)

*It helps reduce soreness after your workout.

*Helps prevent injuries.

*Reduces muscle tension.

*Improves circulation.

*It promotes better posture.

Muscles are best stretched after they are warm, so basically you should wait until after your workout to stretch them. You want to stretch every muscle group that you have used during your workout. Try to hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds for the maximum benefit. Try not to bounce and DO NOT push yourself to the point where it is painful. And BREATHE!! It will help you and your muscles relax. For some ideas on how to stretch your major muscle groups, look here!

Okay, let’s hear it… Do YOU stretch? What are your favorite stretches? Have you noticed changes in your body from stretching? How much time do you devote to stretching during your workouts?

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