A good weekend and a look ahead | The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


Posted by christy on January 12, 2009

So how did you do this weekend? I feel pretty good about my weekend. I had several opportunities to indulge or go out to eat or over eat, and I chose not to. Weekends are always tough for me because my husband is home and I just want to relax and eat what I want. I don’t want to worry about counting points or being accountable. But this past weekend I really kept myself in check. I logged about 75% of my food intake into WW Online. For lunch on Saturday and Sunday we made turkey bacon and had BLTs w/out the mayo! On Saturday night I ordered a WW friendly meal from my favorite Italian restaurant! Last night, I opted for Subway instead of one of my favorite haunts. This is big!!

I’m a little worried about my upcoming weekend. I’m leaving to go out of town, WAY out of town, on Thursday morning and I’ll be gone until next Tuesday. As you’ve seen in the past, I don’t do well when I travel, but I’m honestly going to TRY this time around. I can’t say that I’ll count all my points, and I’ll probably consume some adult beverages, and I might even have chocolate, but I’m going to try to be reasonable. Right, Crooked Eyebrow? You have to help me out girl!!

p.s. I’ll be spending my time away in Indiana! Visiting Beth and Brian and Crooked Eyebrow. The only thing that would make it perfect is if Melissa were there too!