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Have y’all seen these books? They are written by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding and these books are great resources to double check to see if you are truly buying a “healthier” choice.

This supermarket survival guide blew my mind the first time I looked through it. It gives your photos of the commonly  purchased products and give you a quick run down on just how many calories, fat,sugar or sodium is in them that makes them unhealthy.

For example, this book  illustrated that if you drink one bottle of Naked protein Zone Banana Chocolate drink, which is supposed to be “healthy”, it is the equivalent of eating 5 Breyers Oreo ice cream sandwiches. YES! than 70 grams of sugar in one Protein drink. Just because you think it’s healthy, doesn’t mean it its! This book forces you to read labels!

The Eat this, NOT that book is full of comparisons such as grains. Now I have grown up on white rice but after reading that it’s 200 calories with no fiber, is it worth it?  NO…It had no nutritional value what so ever. But with this book it shows you that switching to whole grain rice has 2 grams of fiber. Much better right? The book doesn’t just stop there. It’s like walking down each isle in the grocery store with you. From bread to candy this book helps you make better, healthier choices.

Go ahead here, take their fast food IQ quiz. It makes you think, just like the books do. Are you picking healthy foods? If you think you are, try picking up one of these books and see for yourself. You may be surprised.

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