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This week I really sat and tried to figure out the right “balanced diet”. I have figured just how much water I should be drinking but I also want to be sure that important things like carbs and proteins are balanced as well. With be being a steak and potato kind of gal, I wanted to make sure that my body is getting just the right amount of proteins.

Protein  intake is not just for body builders or strength training, your body needs it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about high protein dieting either. A diet needs to have a perfect balance of carbs, protein and fat. (Personally, I would never suggest the Atkins diet)

A quick run down on protein balance (lets put the years of anatomy and physiology to good use here)

If you are eating too little of protein, you are not helping to keeping your body running properly. Basically you are taking it from other sources such as your muscle tissue. Not sure about you but I’m trying to get rid of fat, not muscle.

If you are eating too much of protein, it’s getting sent to your liver to be stored as fat. Lovely isn’t it? This process creates ammonia , which in turn is made into urea. Urea then needs lots of water to flush out your kidneys. If you aren’t drinking enough, your body then takes water from it’s own storage to dilute urea.(yes you will have weight loss but not in a good way) This not even mentioning the damage you can do to your kidneys as well. (see why i don’t like high protein/low carb diets?)

Now if a piece of meat or chicken doesn’t freak you right out now, let’s figure out how much protein we do need! There are different factors such as gender, pregnancy and breastfeeding. (serious weight lifters too) Currently, they recommended amount of protein for most adults is around 0.6-0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Remember…One kilogram equals 2.2 pounds.

your weight divided by 2.2 =your weight in kilograms

your weight in kilograms x 0.8 =grams of protein per day

Here is mine:

205#/2.2 =93.1818kg

93.18 x 0.8 = 74.5 grams of protein a day

Now I know that on average, I need to be eating 70-74 grams of protein a day. Should be easy seeing how a tuna sandwich alone can give around 34 grams. Once I have my protein attack plan all set, I’ll be sure to share good protein foods!

**We do have to remind you that you should always consult your doctor regarding any diets. The sisterhood of shrinking jeans are not doctors and we do encourage you to ask your doctor about what type of diet is right for you.

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