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Are you ready for another challenge here at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans? Yes, yes you are! So put your gym shoes on and get ready for a 6 week challenge where we not only tackle topics on weight loss, but being heart healthy too! All just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now if we can only stay away from those heart shaped boxes of chocolates…

Are you new to the challenges here at the Sisterhood? If so, WELCOME!! But what took you so long?! Click here to read more about how our challenges work. The short of it is, each week all of us (that includes YOU) will post about weigh-in, good and bad! Everyone writes a post on their personal blogs (if they have one), and then copies/pastes the permalink into the comment section of each Wednesday’s weigh-in post. It sounds more complicated than it is. Really! Just check out yesterday’s weigh-in post so you can see the commenting in action.

The first weigh-in for this challenge will be next Wednesday. You should be checking in here everyday for great posts, recipes, reviews and fitness tips; but make sure you come back on Wednesday to enter your weight and link to your blog post. By posting your information, you open your self up to the beauty of the Sisterhood. SUPPORT! And lots of it. And while you’re at it, make sure you offer some of that support to your fellow Sisters. We all need it!

What should you do right now??

If you haven’t already joined the Challenge, please grab a button and slap it in your sidebar! Make that blog of yours pretty! Then fill in our Contact form so you can be added to the blogroll.

Finally, make sure you weigh-in this morning and document your weight so you’ll know what your challenge start weight is. If you feel inclined, please leave it in the comments section! Or better yet, post about it on your blog. And don’t forget to set your goals for this challenge!

Roses are red,

violets are blue

let’s get those jeans

shrinking off you!

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