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While searching madly through my near 20,000 photos on my hard drive for suitable before/after (the first time) and before photos I came to a sad realization. There aren’t very many of me at all. I’m always the one taking the pictures, so I’m very rarely in them. Even sadder, when I was at my […]

I really appreciate all the awesome comments and advice left for me here (and here) by you wonderful people after my huge gain this week. I did go ahead and buy a new scale. I tested it out and compared it to my old one and can no longer use that as an excuse for […]

New to running? Read more on how-to get started here! If you are anything like me, then you try running for a few minutes, huff and puff, can’t catch your breath, and slow to a walk. That’s my story. I have big dreams of being a runner, if only I could run longer than three […]

Are you tired of eating the same old thing each morning? Try this. What could be better than a quick, tasty breakfast that is packed with protein to keep you going all day long? Fruity Granola yogurt parfait 6 oz    low fat plain or flavored yogurt   (WW has excellent 1 point yogurts) 1/2 c. low […]

I made it home from Indiana on Monday night. Late Monday night. After a flight in which I was puked on twice by my 14 month old. She came down with the stomach virus hard and heavy on Sunday and couldn’t keep anything down or in. If you know what I mean…… So of course, […]

Ok, so yesterday I weighed 203# after eating Mexican the night before. The Great thing is that I was soo very proud of myself for only gaining 1# back after being sick.  So I got off the scale yesterday motivated for more loss. Then this morning I stepped on the scale and it was 201.5#! […]

Finally after 2 weeks I signed onto the wii fit and I was pleasantly surprised. Down 5.5 pounds!! Although it keeps telling me I’m obese and all, I still really like it. It didn’t hurt that it called me a yoga master either. I think the wii fit is my new best friend. My goal […]

If you don’t have this recipe, you need to save it now. This soup is a wonderful addition to any meal or great on it’s own. POINTS® Value: 0 Servings:  12 Preparation Time:  50 min Cooking Time:  13 min Level of Difficulty:  Easy 2  medium   garlic clove(s), minced 1  medium   onion(s), diced 2  medium   carrot(s), […]

This week I really sat and tried to figure out the right “balanced diet”. I have figured just how much water I should be drinking but I also want to be sure that important things like carbs and proteins are balanced as well. With be being a steak and potato kind of gal, I wanted […]

Well, we’re 2 weeks into the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge! How are you doing? Is the weight starting to come off? We hope so. We also put up a poll on the sidebar. Over there on the right, down just a little. We really care what you think! Afterall, this site isn’t just for […]

After not working for a week, going back today was miserable. My head is still swimming and there is no way I’m cooking tonight. Nope. So instead I’ll order Mexican and swell up like crazy, just enough to retain a heck of a lot of water for tomorrow’s weigh in. See? I’m totally having one […]

In keeping with our heart healthy month, what’s more important than (re)learning about the fats that can affect our pretty little hearts? Ladies and gent, It’s time to talk about fats! We need fats in our diets. There is no getting around them, our bodies depend on them, without fats we are just plain and […]

I had high hopes of writing a post about Real Age, a really neat site hosted by Dr. Oz, but that nice long post will have to wait. The excuses are about to start so hold on! The last few days, my motivation for exercising has been non-existent.  Gone.  Bye-Bye.  Adios.  I’m bored with my exercise […]

As I was drinking my coffee and performing my morning perusal of blogs, I came across this post by my friend Sandi. She is currently attending school and had to write a piece resembling the Gettysburg Address for her English Comp. class. I thought is was very fitting for all of us here at Shrinking […]

Gulp indeed, I’ve been drinking plenty of water since I was ill all last week. Today even more so. I have been reading a book about natural diet solutions for PCOS and Infertility and came across a formula for just how much water you should drink and some interesting facts. (more that I’ll share in […]