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Take out your pencils girls and boys, it’s time for your Heart Healthy Workout Quiz. Write your answers in the comment section below. Keep your eyes on your own paper, no cheating, and lay your head down on your desk when you have finished. We will discuss the answers a little bit later. ;o)

  1. Regular physical activity is an important step toward a healthy heart. What other steps can you take to reduce your risk of heart attack?
    1. stop smoking
    2. reduce high blood pressure
    3. maintain proper blood cholesterol levels
  2. If running marathons is not your idea of regular exercise, you can work up a heart-healthy sweat in your everyday life in a lot of ways. What are some of them?
    1. sitting in a sauna
    2. walking
    3. vigorous vacuuming
    4. mowing lawn with push mower
    5. gardening
    6. baking brownies
    7. raking leaves
    8. dancing
  3. Children are more physically fit today than they were a generation ago.
  4. What is the most common excuse for not engaging in physical activity?
  5. Besides being an important way to get ready for bathing suit season, regular physical activity can also benefit your health and well-being by improving which of the following?:
    1. blood cholesterol
    2. high blood pressure
    3. energy level
    4. sleeping patterns
    5. weight
  6. A heart-healthy schedule should involve at least 30 minutes of physical activity on most days of the week.
  7. A complete physical fitness program should involve activities that promote endurance, strength and flexibility.

8. What should you do first before starting a vigorous exercise program if you’re middle-aged or older, have been sedentary, are overweight or have a serious medical condition?

9. What form of physical activity has the lowest dropout rate?

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