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Beer and cake and ice cream and donuts and pizza and beer and cake and ice cream and hotdogs and chips and dip and chili and Red Robin and McDonalds and rum  and Burger King. I said beer and cake twice because there were multiple days of drinking and cake and ice cream eating.  After all that.. I can say I feel pretty good about it.  I limited myself to two beers each night.  I passed on the cake and ice cream at one party and had a lil bit at the other.  I ate a fair amount of pizza but not overboard (4 medium pieces I think) . I had one hot dog (no chili) and a serving of chips, I sooo wanted another hotdog but I waited for the aforementioned cake and icecream and had some of that, I figured a little bit of that was better then a big greasy hot dog.  At McDs n BurgerKing I had the grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo.  I passed completely on the donuts at breakfast this morning and had grilled chicken at Red Robin tonight. And as for the rum.. well I think I lost count, but I did measure my shots each time :).  So when I stepped on the wii fit tonight, I was very happy to see that I had lost a pound since last sunday. 

I feel like i’m holding steady right now and I’m starting to feel pretty good about it.   Walking up the 3 flights of stairs to the office is easier and doesn’t really hurt my knees any more.  My pants are feeling too big and the new pants I bought a couple weeks ago fit fine now.  Now if only those b-school application essays would write themselves… 

I think that the big social events are over for this part of the year, with a few birthdays scattered in here and there. That means that it should be easier to stick my routine and not have soo much temptation to stray from the plan.  

I’m actually drinking water right now.  I bought a ton (almost literally) at wal-mart the other day.  I went in at 5am before work and bought 800oz  of bottled water and then another  24 more of the big bottles of the flavored water. All for like 15 dollars. I brought it into work so I should be set there for a while. Then I bought another 400oz of for home (the first time I have ever done that). (I was inspired by CE ). 

Thanks to everyone for their support during this long long long journey 🙂 Its really only getting started but its been a great ride so far !

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