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We chatted it up about fiber the other day, now it is all about finding which foods have a good amount of fiber. Also we have some tips on how to squeeze more of the fiber goodness into our diets. It’s quite possible that we assume that our  foods have enough fiber when in reality it doesn’t. Let’s fix that, shall we?

You can always look up charts like this or this, I have mine bookmarked for quick reference. There are so many out there, the only set back is that most do differ in fiber amounts.

Here are some common foods:

Apples– 5 grams   Pears-5 grams   Grapefruit– 6 grams   Orange– 3 grams   Raspberries– 8 grams

Green beans-4 grams   Carrots– 5 grams   Peas– 8 grams   Tomato– 1 gram   Celery– 1 gram

White bread– 1.5 grams   wheat bread-3 grams  White rice– 1 gram   Brown rice– 3grams

The list can go on forever… Once you’ve mastered label reading finding the fiber will no longer be a struggle. Here are a few other tips in finding ways to add fiber to your diet.

*Switch to whole-grain breads.  It’s time to ditch the ever so loved white wonder bread. The first ingredient on the list should be whole-wheat flour or another whole grain. Look for a brand with at least 2 grams of dietary fiber per serving.

*Eat more whole grains and whole-grain products. Experiment with brown rice, barley, whole-wheat pasta.

*Eat fruit at every meal. Apples, bananas, oranges, pears and berries are good sources of fiber.

*Make snacks count and opt for Fresh fruit, raw vegetables,  low-fat popcorn and whole-grain crackers.

*Take advantage of ready-to-use vegetables. Mix chopped frozen broccoli into prepared spaghetti sauce. Snack on baby carrots. Like mom always said, eat your veggies!

* Look for great products like Fiber one bars and muffins.

*Instead of eating high sugar, processed cereals, try switching to bran based cereal.

I purpose a mini challenge if you do decide to accept it. I challenge you to take your time the next time you are at the grocery store and compare the foods you are used to buying with some other alternatives. Go out and search for the fiber in your own store. Who knows what you might find. Hopefully if it’s something good, you’ll share with the rest of the group! Once we find great products, we will share them with you!

*warning- slowly increase your fiber to prevent bloating and abdominal cramps. Just need to warn you!!

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