True Confessions | The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


Posted by lisa on February 4, 2009

1.  I have thought about posting here at Shrinking Jeans, every single day.

2.  I have not posted on my personal blog here in 7 days.

3.  I feel so very guilty about it.

4.  I have not exercised since Monday, January 26th.

5.  I have lost weight since then but only because I had the dreaded flu.

6.  My appetite finally returned Monday night.

7.  And so has Aunt Flo.  I hate her.

8.  Now, I want to eat EVERYTHING, especially if it is salty or sweet and it’s late at night.

9.  A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. 

10.  But I don’t seem to care.

11.  Well, I do care.

12.  But, the junk food is calling my name.

13.  And I have ZERO food discipline today. 

14. And yesterday.

15. That is why I haven’t posted.

16.  Because I feel like a LOSER.

17.  LOSER is a strong term. 

18.  But I don’t feel very good about myself.

19.  And I certainly don’t feel like a “leader” of the Sisterhood. 

20.  Tomorrow is a new day, thank goodness.