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As  you recall, last week I gave you a quiz on heart healthy exercise. Great job to those who completed it! Exercise has so many benefits for our body. You do not need to do hard-core, strenuous workouts in order to see benefits. Start small, and gradually increase your intensity. If you can’t fit in 30 minutes of exercise, break it up into smaller segments: 10 minutes of walking here, 10 minutes Wii fit there…  everyone can do it.

Answers to last week’s quiz:

1. a,b,c

2. all except a and f

3. False. Children are heavier and less physically fit than they were even a generation ago.  Many are developing cardiovascular disease risk factors such as overweight, higher blood pressure, higher blood cholesterol and cigarette smoking.  Children spend an average of 17 hours a week watching TV in addition to the time they spend on video and computer games – all sedentary activities!

4. Not enough time. But all it takes is 30 minutes a day and not necessarily all at once!  Your workout should have the same importance as any other appointment of the day.

5. All.

6. True.

7. True. To build endurance, do aerobic physical activities such as brisk walking, running, bicycling or swimming.  To build strength, try weight lifting.  To improve flexibility, do stretching and movements that put each part of the body through its full range of motion.

8. See a doctor first for a medical evaluation

9. Walking. It’s inexpensive, easy and convenient.  You can walk throughout your lifetime.  You can walk year-round and in most weather, indoors or outdoors.  You don’t need special clothing or equipment.  Walking is low impact so risks of injury to bones and joints are minimal.

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