Home Sweet Home | Christy


Yes, I’m home, and I’m so glad. Don’t get me wrong, I had a WONDERFUL time, but is it just me, or do you feel so unsure when you’re away from home? Unsure of whether you’ll be able to stick with your plan, unsure of whether you’ll be able to resist all the tempting food? Unsure of whether you even care to stick with the plan or resist? I feel in control when I’m at home and feel like I have the potential for out of control behavior when I’m away from home for long stretches. Maybe I just don’t fully trust myself yet? I don’t know. Do you feel that way? Ever?

Overall, I think I did great this weekend. I said no to many dessert opportunities, I chose lighter options at each restaurant and chose not to eat all of my meals. AND, we walked about 200 miles over 3 days. Okay, maybe not 200, but close. Trust me. I wore Mia (yeah, I’m a babywearer) the whole time, so I burned some extra calories thanks to my little bluebird. I can feel it, too. In my hips, thighs and butt. My scale was being a pain in the ass today, telling me I was up a couple of pounds, but I know that’s just because she’s mad at me for being gone for so long. I fully expect her to be nicer tomorrow morning and even more so on Wednesday!\

So how was your weekend? Did you soar or sink?

Do you realize this is the last week of our Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge? Do you know what that means? We’ll soon know who the biggest shrinker is, AND we’ll have a brand new challenge starting next week. This will be a mini-challenge. A shorter and sweeter challenge.