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I first heard about hot yoga while I was living in Grand Junction, CO and have always found the concept very interesting. I have never tried it myself, but hopefully I will find the courage to once I slim down a bit!

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga consists of performing a series of yoga poses in a heated room, ranging from 95 to 100+ degrees. The heated room will allow your body to become more flexible, and also encourages profuse sweating which will rid your body of toxins.

If you do decide to try Hot Yoga:

*Wear light clothing. You will sweat. A lot.

*Bring your OWN yoga mat and towel.

*It is advised not to eat before class.

*Be sure and drink lots of water before and after your class to keep from getting dehydrated.

*Do not try if you are pregnant. Hot Yoga will raise your core body temperature.

I want to know… Who has tried Hot Yoga? Do you find it more beneficial than traditional yoga? Fill us in!

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