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*********Husband, if you’re reading this, it contains an anniversary present spoiler, so please close your browser now. Thanks. Love you 🙂 *****************

One of my favorite things to do when Lisa and I get together (besides eat!) is scrapbook. It’s fun, therapeutic, relaxing and productive! I have some wonderful memories that have been creatively (and lovingly) documented. Right now I’m working on an album for my husband. It contains photos from all of the vacations we took before we became parents. Cuz, yeah, we all know what happens to fun, spontaneous travel when we have kids, right? But I digress.

We took SO MANY trips. SO MANY. And it’s kinda scary to look back over the last, oh, 11 years and see my weight fluctuate. I started out in the 140s and then ballooned up to the 190s and then back down and then back up and….oh, you get the point. I’m actually a little horrified by some of the pictures. I was really overweight. Okay, fat. I was fat. Ugh. All I can think about is the fact that my overweight-ness will be forever documented in scrapbooks that will one day belong to my children. Will they look at them and say, “sheesh, who’s that fat chick?” or “wow, what happened to mom?” What I really hope they realize is that I worked hard and lost the weight and became healthy so I could live a more fulfilling and longer life with and for them. I also did it to set a good example for them. I want them to be healthy, but how can I expect that out of them when I’m not?

As horrible as it is to see all those fat pictures, it’s also amazing to look at the trip back down. Back down the scales, that is. Slowly but surely, I’ve come down, down, down, and am now about 10 pounds away from the weight I was when I met my husband. I’m really looking forward to the future scrapbooks. The ones where I’m the smokin’ hot mama that I know lives somewhere inside me!

p.s. I was supposed to post some recipes today and I just didn’t get around to it! Sorry! I promise we’ll make up for it this week! It’s going to be an exciting week with the announcement of the winner of the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge, the new challenge and some other great stuff!!

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