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Just a couple of weeks ago, Beth and I were discussing the need for a WW mobile app for her iPhone (gag, okay, I’m just jealous). We dreamed of being computer geeks and coming up with the app and selling it for like $2 to eleventy billion people and then we’d be gazillionaires. Well, someone beat us to it.

Last night I was checking out the Weight Watchers site (you know, because I’m logging each and every bite, lick, and taste) and I stumbled upon GREATNESS: Weight Watchers MOBILE (queue angels singing and bright mystery lights shining down from above). Can you believe it? I can’t!! No gazillions of dollars for me, but at least it will be so much easier to keep track of my points when I’m out and about. No excuses now!

It works with iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile 6. You can calculate points at the grocery store, look up points values for restaurant dishes on the go, and even track your activity points as soon as you get done showering at the gym. Seriously. You have no excuses for not fitting into those shrinking jeans now.

It’s simple. Visit from your mobile device.

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