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*********Husband, if you’re reading this, it contains an anniversary present spoiler, so please close your browser now. Thanks. Love you 🙂 ***************** One of my favorite things to do when Lisa and I get together (besides eat!) is scrapbook. It’s fun, therapeutic, relaxing and productive! I have some wonderful memories that have been creatively (and […]

If you haven’t tried the Laughing Cow cheese wedges yet, you must. The wedges come in four flavors: Original Cream Swiss Light Swiss Original (my Fave!) Light Garlic & Herb Light French Onion They have a ton of flavor and the Light wedges have only 35 calories each and 2 grams of fat! The regular […]

Lisa and the kids are here visiting and we’re having a great time!! It’s so nice to have them here. Our kids get along great and have so much fun together. Lisa and I worked all week to plan our menu for her visit. Last night we had our first planned meal of shredded pot […]

I first heard about hot yoga while I was living in Grand Junction, CO and have always found the concept very interesting. I have never tried it myself, but hopefully I will find the courage to once I slim down a bit! What is Hot Yoga? Hot Yoga consists of performing a series of yoga […]

I’m feeling too overwhelmed to write a real post but I do have a few random thoughts to share with you. I have become obsessed with the Wii Fit, specifically Hula Hoop.  I get manic when doing Hula Hoop, trying to see how many hoops I can get.  I have tried all kinds of ways of […]

Today has just been strange all around… to start off, I got on the scale and saw that I didn’t gain any weight yesterday despite the Olive Garden dinner on Wednesday. I had the Apricot Chicken thingie… it was good.. not a huge portion like all their other stuff, so I made up for it […]

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. For me I feel that every meal I have needs to end with a sweet treat. Long gone are the days where I will load my diet full of unnecessary calories and fat, which is why I have chosen Jell-o sugar […]

This past week I took a trip that started on Thursday. I had every intention of trying to track my points but I knew it would be hard considering we were eating out every meal! My good intentions flew out the window on the drive and hasn’t been seen again until today! So I’m going […]

All right ladies and gentleman today is the last weigh in day for our Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. How did you all do? I’m hoping each and everyone of you were looking fine not only for your sweetie, but that you are now feeling good for […]

I on the eve of the weigh-in I decided to do something insane.  For whatever reason I decided that I wasn’t going to eat any thing after dinner, until breakfast the next morning.  That’s Crazy !!  I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever done that before. I wonder if I will pass out. Or worse. […]

I found this list on the Weight Watchers site. I think it’s good information for those just starting out, or those of us who need a little refresher! Milk Drinking whole milk cappuccinos and lattes will use your daily POINTS® Allowance up quickly. Use fat-free or low-fat milk instead, and look for flavored coffees or […]

When we introduced the couch to 5K program on how to run, the first thing I thought of was, “Is this going to flare up my plantar faciitis again?” Have you heard of plantar fasciitis before? It all starts at the plantar fascia — the tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your […]

I dont want to be a party pooper. So Here goes…    1.  I had a bit of  major food break down tonight… 2 hamburgers..fries..a box of pudding and a container of cool-whip. It was sugar free / fat free puddin and coolwhip.. but, come on. 2.  I will do anything to avoid writing my essays […]

We are moving my office to a new building, so I have to work a little different schedule then the normal sit-at-my-desk-all-day schedule that I am on now.  So  now, I spend two hours at my desk.. then walk 15 minutes to the new building.. up 5 flights of stairs to the data center (no […]

These are my True Confessions for this week! I have not counted or logged my points at all this week. Being out of town makes it tough, although I could have done it if I’d tried. I did terrible with my water consumption over the weekend. I am so glad to be home so I […]