Three steps forward.. two steps back – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Its been a crappy couple of weeks, both personally and weight-wise.  I’ve ended up gaining 3.5 lbs  since 1/28 – extremely frustrating, but not surprising since I have eaten a ton of food.  In my never ending quest to make good out of bad, I say to myself – “well atleast I know why I gained weight, I ate a ton of food.  It could have been worse and I could gained weight even though I was sticking to my plan… ”  But I don’t take much solace in that.  So today is Monday and I have done pretty well today, though the frozen pizza for dinner didn’t really help.  Probably would have been better if I didn’t have 6 pieces… but anyway I am determined to lose some weight between now and Wednesday.  I bought another pair of pants last week and they are the smaller size and they still fit,  so I dont feel completely terrible, so horray for that.  Pants shopping so irritating for me, now I’m sure its no where near as irritating for me as it is for the ladies, but its still irritating.  My size is at the top end of what is considered normal, so the selection is very limited. THe next size up is in “big and tall” and  its wayyyy to big.   Another thing is that my inseam is long and they dont seem to carry the larger size with the longer inseams as if all fat guys are short.  They are available on line but since every style of pants fits differently its hard to blindly buy something and hope for the best. The funniest thing is that they actually make the more form fitting styles in the very large sizes. I dont know too many guys that have a 42 inch waist and want “slim fit”… but of course those are the only ones that are on the shelf.  Ah well… just motivation to get into a smaller size..

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